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Transform your business data into a strategic advantage with B EYE’s Qlik Consulting services.  

Partner with us to leverage Qlik’s powerful analytics and AI capabilities, ensuring smarter, faster decision-making and a competitive edge in your industry. 

Qlik Partners

B EYE’s partnership with Qlik empowers your business with cutting-edge analytics and custom data solutions. 

Leveraging Qlik’s robust suite of tools, we tailor data integration and AI-driven analytics to align precisely with your business objectives and challenges. 

Our certified Qlik experts are equipped to elevate your data capabilities, ensuring insightful, actionable intelligence for strategic decision-making. 

The Advantages of Choosing Qlik

Wondering if Qlik is the right choice for your BI and data analytics needs?  

Qlik stands out as a consistent leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, offering a scalable and unified platform for both self-service and enterprise analytics.  

Its comprehensive data integration and quality tools are crucial components of a modern data architecture, offering real-time agility from any source to any target.  

Choosing Qlik enables you to dive deep into data exploration with its unique associative engine and augmented analytics, gaining intuitive and in-depth insights. Moreover, you will benefit from Qlik’s scalable solutions and robust security, supported by enterprise-grade governance.  

With our guidance, you will leverage Qlik’s AI and machine learning innovations, positioning your business at the forefront of analytics and decision-making efficiency. 

Our Custom Qlik Services

Whether you’re just starting with Qlik, seeking to optimize your current Qlik setup, or looking to expand its capabilities within your organization, our expertise ensures you harness the full potential of its solutions.

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  • Qlik Dashboard and Reporting Solutions
    At B EYE, we offer comprehensive solutions in dashboard and report creation, optimization, and management. Our services include streamlining and enhancing existing reports, developing mobile-compatible dashboards, advising on optimal data sources, and offering tailored mashups, extensions, and custom report solutions. 
  • Seamless Transition to Qlik
    Transition smoothly from your current BI systems to Qlik with our expert consulting services. We design and execute a
    custom migration strategy, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient move, while focusing on retaining essential content and functionality.
  • Qlik Training and Development Programs 
    Empower your team with extensive Qlik training and mentoring options. B EYE offers a variety of learning formats, including online sessions, interactive webinars, and seminars, along with developing user adoption strategies tailored to your organization’s needs. 
  • Qlik System Optimization

    Our team conducts in-depth evaluations of your Qlik environment and architecture. We provide you with detailed insights and actionable recommendations to enhance system performance, maximize feature usage, and boost overall user engagement and adoption.

  • Qlik View Modernization
    Elevate your business intelligence with our expert QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS Transition. We focus on a safe, efficient, and hassle-free migration, leveraging Qlik Cloud Migration Tools for optimal results. Post-transition, we provide user training and dedicated support to maximize your investment in Qlik Sense SaaS.
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  • Qlik Sense SaaS Implementation
    We ensure the optimal setup of your Qlik Sense SaaS platform, collaborating closely with your team. Our process includes establishing your data flow, implementing best practices, and ensuring a successful and effective launch of your Qlik Sense SaaS environment. 
  • Qlik Data Integration Services 
    Leverage our expertise in data integration to reinforce your analytics infrastructure. We guide you in integrating Qlik’s top-tier CDC data integration platform, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your data analytics journey. 
  • 24/6 Support Services 
    Our dedicated support team is available round the clock, six days a week, to address any issues or queries you may have, ensuring uninterrupted, efficient operations. 
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Qlik Success Stories

logoBMW Group, a frontrunner in automotive innovation, embraced the connected car as a foundational element in the Internet of Things. Former CEO Harald Krüger highlighted the significance of the connected car as a major mobile data platform. This vision was brought to life through the integration of Qlik, which facilitated the analysis of machine-generated data across various automotive areas.  The areas of application for Qlik within BMW Group are diverse, encompassing connected car data, paint shop robotics, and service diagnostic readouts. Qlik’s role extends beyond mere data analysis; it is instrumental in the creation and fine-tuning of advanced analytic algorithms. This contributes significantly to enhancing the insight into business processes, ensuring that data-driven decisions are at the core of BMW’s automotive excellence. The successful implementation of Qlik at BMW Group exemplifies how cutting-edge data analytics can revolutionize the automotive industry. By centralizing data sharing and collaboration, BMW Group has achieved a harmonious balance between user delight and IT department efficiency. The Qlik platform has become an integral part of BMW’s journey towards innovative automotive solutions and operational excellence. 

Domino’s Pizza, the world’s largest pizza company, faced the challenge of integrating over 85,000 data sources to unify global operations and customer insights. Their solution was to implement Talend® Data Fabric, creating a comprehensive data tracker that feeds into Domino’s Enterprise Management Framework. This allowed for real-time data streaming and a unified platform for insights and analytics. The new system provides a single, reliable source of truth, improving business performance from logistics to financial forecasting and enhancing customer experience across multiple touchpoints. “We think of it as giving store managers a smart watch for their in-store operations,” says Kripakar Krishnamurthy, Director at Domino’s. This approach transformed Domino’s into an e-commerce entity. With real-time analytics, store managers can now manage daily orders and prep time more efficiently, and forecast staffing needs accurately. This strategic overhaul has significantly boosted operational efficiency and sales, cementing Domino’s position as an e-commerce leader in the pizza industry. 

Hitachi Omika Works, honored as a ‘Lighthouse’ factory by the World Economic Forum, excels in the design and manufacture of custom information control systems for diverse industries. Based in Ibaraki, Japan, the company grappled with challenges in supply-demand balance and adapting to sudden workload increases, which were critical for its wide-ranging production lines.The integration of Excel data into Qlik Sense brought a transformative solution, enabling efficient unification and sharing of information crucial for supply chain optimization.This innovative approach resulted in a 33% reduction in work hours needed to confirm delivery dates and the instant creation of graphs that previously took three hours, significantly improving operational efficiency.The clarity and rapid understanding of statuses and situations allowed for more precise strategic responses, enhancing production stability. The success at Hitachi Omika Works showcases how Qlik Sense not only fosters better decision-making but also promises to expand rapidly in its utilization, demonstrating the impact of reimagined processes and advanced data analytics in a complex manufacturing setting. 

Samsung Electronics UK, a leading player in the retail and services industry, tackled challenges in store performance management and data access for its 100+ area development managers (ADMs). Key to their retail success was obtaining timely data on store sales performance, stocking levels, and ensuring compliance with company standards. The existing process, relying on inefficient and lengthy Excel reports, needed an upgrade for more dynamic collaboration between ADMs and store staff. The solution came with the implementation of Qlik Sense, loaded with five years of constantly updated sales data, accessible to representatives on mobiles and tablets. This innovation resulted in significant time savings for the reps, each saving approximately two hours per week, and a 20% increase in the efficiency of field visits. Moreover, the retail marketing process was streamlined, leading to considerations for rolling out the app across other European divisions. The impact of Qlik Sense at Samsung Electronics UK has been substantial: 90% of ADMs regularly use the solution, marking a considerable improvement in their operational efficiency. This successful integration of Qlik Sense has not only enhanced the day-to-day operations but also opened new avenues for business opportunities and process reimagination within the company.

Lenovo, a Fortune Global 500 company with operations in 180 markets, faced challenges in consolidating its dispersed data for clear business insights and decision-making. To overcome these obstacles, Lenovo turned to Qlik Sense, a move that fundamentally transformed its approach to data analysis. With Qlik Sense, Lenovo established a single source of truth, providing swift and reliable insights across the organization. This implementation, now utilized by thousands within the company, was complemented by an extensive business intelligence training program. The results were remarkable: automated report generation boosted operational efficiency significantly, freeing staff to concentrate on strategic business initiatives. Teams across Lenovo experienced reduced workloads, while access to rapid data analysis enhanced the company’s competitive edge, fostering better business decisions. This successful integration of Qlik Sense into Lenovo’s IT framework exemplifies how reimagined processes and customer intelligence can drive substantial improvements in operational efficiency and business outcomes. 

Novartis, a major player in healthcare and life sciences, integrated Qlik Sense® to enhance data-driven business processes. As a global entity with over 100,000 employees and a $47 billion turnover, Novartis faces significant data management challenges. The company’s goal was to achieve a unified data source for insights accessible across different departments. The solution involved rolling out Qlik Sense across Novartis, connecting it to their existing big data and FormulaOne platforms. This deployment provided access to around 500 Qlik analytics apps for 30,000 employees. The impact of this rollout is substantial. Novartis now enjoys a scalable analytics platform with no infrastructure limitations, accessible on all devices. This initiative has democratized data within Novartis, fostering process acceleration and resource optimization. 

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B EYE specializes in guiding Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries towards achieving their goals. Our expertise in data analytics transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

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Our approach is what sets us apart. With B EYE, you gain:

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With a focus on both current requirements and future readiness, our expertise is your advantage in navigating the data landscape.

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Our services are customized to address your specific challenges and goals. This approach ensures that our strategies resonate with your unique business context, maximizing the impact of your data initiatives.

Through collaboration and continuous feedback, we refine our solutions to better suit your evolving needs.

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Whether you need a comprehensive solution or just a piece of the puzzle, we offer both full-scope projects and standalone services.

Our versatility allows us to support your data journey at any stage, from initial assessment to ongoing management and optimization.

With B EYE, you gain a partner capable of driving transformation, regardless of your starting point.

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Our project-based and team augmentation models ensure that you have the right skills and resources at the right time. This flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate with your teams, adapting our approach to fit your project timelines and business rhythms.

Whether supplementing your in-house capabilities or managing projects end-to-end, we’re committed to delivering value on your terms.

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Continuous training and a focus on innovation keep our team – and yours – at the forefront of data technologies. This dedication to excellence ensures that we’re not just keeping pace with industry trends but actively contributing to their evolution.

Our commitment extends to establishing a competency center and empowering your team through knowledge transfer and skill development to sustain progress long after our engagement concludes. 

Proven Impact

Our methodologies have delivered significant cost efficiencies and business transformations across industries. By leveraging best practices and insights gained from a diverse range of projects, we drive measurable outcomes that reflect in your bottom line and competitive positioning.

With B EYE, you’re choosing a partner whose impact extends beyond immediate project goals to achieve long-term success and growth.

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