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B EYE offers consulting and development services that help companies all around the globe improve their business with the power of Data Analytics. We work with the world’s leading BI platforms – QlikTableau, and Power BI.

Our Service

Let Your Data Talk

  • Data analytics consulting with the best tools on the market
  • Evaluation of business requirements and gathering user stories
  • Extracting and transforming data from any source​
  • Developing visual analytics dashboards that fit the needs of any department
  • Unlocking the power of AI and ML in data analytics dashboards
  • Dashboard optimization for existing environments
  • Creating multipage Mashups
  • Automated report distribution to all business users
  • Post-development testing, training, and documentation
  • Qlik Tableau and Powe BI 24/6 Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 support
  • Providing data literacy training for your team​
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Truly great platforms
that we’re experts in

We at B EYE work with the world’s best-in-class platforms for business intelligence and data analytics – Qlik Tableau and Power BI. Our consultants utilize the full power and capabilities of the platforms – automated reporting, natural language dashboard interactions, and advanced analytics. We will help you with every step to a complete data transformation journey, including requirements gathering, development, QA, testing, documentation, training, and support.

Benefits of Data Analytics

Empower your business
with Data Analytics

Improved decision-making

Businesses can employ data analytics to inform decision-making and reduce financial losses. When the necessary insights are one click away, you can focus on using them to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Improved efficiency

Data analytics empowers companies to track all available data, including structured, unstructured, quantitative, and historical information, to uncover trends and produce insights that are used to inform and, in some instances, automate decisions.

Business performance

Base your strategy on real data insights combined into a visual dashboard so that you can track KPIs, compare performance to historical data to increase your revenue, and create more business opportunities. 

Customer excellence

Serve your customers better by understanding their needs and buying behaviors, relying on data-driven insights.


We believe that every company
should be a data company

Data and knowledge drive the business world. We use our skills to help clients worldwide set new business trends and drive their industries.​

  • Platform Experts – we have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experiencе. They comply with the highest standards of quality, security, and performance.
  • Exceed Expectations – our Qlik Tableau and Power BI consultants are always ready to support you with new ideas and suggest the optimal way to reach your goals.
  • Business Expertisewe invest a lot of time in building a solid understanding of your business challenges and requirements and ensuring that our solutions are effective with real business value.
  • Comprehensive Know-How Program our program aims to provide thorough information to our clients, ensuring that we keep them updated on ever-changing technology and innovation.
  • Complete Service – we offer a “Complete Service” from the requirements gathering to the development, testing, training, and support​ of the platforms.
  • Feedback Matterswe actively seek your feedback to monitor the strength and success of our relationship and spot any potential issues quickly.
  • Reliable Partner we have positioned ourselves as a trustworthy partner who consistently delivers high-quality projects on time.
  • Environmental and Social Policya strong focus on sustainability, environmental impact, and support for those in need.

What our clients say

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Associate Director, Business Effectiveness EMEA

By transforming and visualizing our data, the dashboards that B EYE created helped us in tracking and evaluating our employees’ activity at all sales hierarchy levels – from the sales representatives to the national sales managers. Now we can easily see all of the KPIs of our employees, which helps us in keeping track of the achievements.

Global Medical Device Manufacturing Company

Senior Manager

B EYE completed multiple projects for us, all to a great standard of technical expertise and business knowledge – we had mutual trust and a long-term collaboration history. We wanted to implement this project in Qlik and we knew the team had a lot of experience with the platform.

Multinational Medicine Company

Head of Global Demand

The best things about B EYE are the technical expertise of their team, their business processes understanding, responsiveness, and how easy it is to work with them. We first hired their team for a small project. We were pleased with the results and decided to continue to work with them on various other projects that we had in our pipeline.

Healthcare Company

Commercial Applications Manager

The team respects the opinion of their clients and delivers top-notch results. B EYE is also cost-efficient. They deliver great value for the money, especially compared to other vendors. They not only do what they are told to do, but the team also does their best to satisfy the customer, deliver the optimal value, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Finance Planning & Analysis for Consumer Goods Company

Business Project Director

With the B EYE team, the company significantly improves the data quality and provides the necessary support to their end clients. They ensure a single process for everyone while improving their efficiency. B EYE’s technical knowledge and transparency are impressive assets.

Life Sciences Company

Global Director of Operations

Building a professional relationship with B EYE’s consultants has been pleasant, easy, and worthwhile for us and has led to quicker resolutions over time. I would highly recommend B EYE for any Anaplan-related projects.

Medicine Company

Head of Global Operations

Thank you, B EYE, for the update and for the additional information on the Comprehensive Usage tab, this is extremely helpful. We are glad to work with you!

Healthcare Company

Operations Manager

B EYE team efforts are incredible! Thank you soo much for your great work. They did incredible job with the EEMEA model that we asked for! Their technical skills are outstanding.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Director of operation

Thank you for the updates. They are looking fantastic and are directly to the point what we needed and had imagined. Really good anticipation of our needs, thanks a lot!

Healthcare Company

Business Operations Manager

I would like to praise B EYE team for their exceptional work on the EEMEA FCST&AOP model. I would like to thank them for the constant proactiveness and always applying quick fixes! What is more, they have general knowledge for all the models in the project and are doing an incredible job overall.

Life Sciences Company

Global CoE Leader and Senior Anaplan Architect

I am pleased to recommend B EYE as an Anaplan development service provider. I worked closely with B EYE very closely for the past two years. We have had the pleasure of going through a variety of projects together and observed great expertise, execution, and excellence throughout their work.

Global Medicine Company

Financial Director

Together we worked on continuously enhancing our global FP&A model in Anaplan, as well as a new implementation for a standalone OPEX
planning tool. With the great work of B EYE, we achieved data harmonization, ensured that
there is a single process for everyone, and drastically improved the efficiency of our
organization both timewise and efficiency-wise

Healthcare company

Head of Global Operations

In fact, B EYE match and often surpass the other global strategic partners in terms of quality, proficiency, and reliability.

Leading Global Science & Tech company

Business Architect

I would like to specifically express our thank you to Tsveta from B EYE. Tsveta helped significantly to improve the design of the dashboard and responded all questions and change request with lightening speed. As neither of our team members are Qlik experts, Tsveta proposed multiple solutions when it comes to certain visualization with pros and cons, e.g. how the benchmark should be displayed in the graph. It was an really pleasant experience working with her and I believe the whole team shares the same feeling. 

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