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B EYE helps companies all around the globe improve their business with the power of Data Analytics. We work with the world’s leading BI platforms – Qlik and Tableau.

Our Partners

Truly great platforms
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We at B EYE work with the world’s best-in-class platforms for business intelligence and data analytics – Qlik and Tableau.
Our Tableau and Qlik consultants will help you every step along the way to a complete and satisfactory data transformation journey, including requirements gathering, development, QA, testing, documentation, training, and support.

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Benefits of Data Analytics

Empower your business
with Data Analytics

Improved decision-making

Sift through the data noise and get straight to the meaningful insights. When the necessary insights are one click away, you can focus on using them to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Increased efficiency

Save thousands of work hours on data cleaning, enrichment, and analysis. Your team can focus on strategic planning and business performance, with no time wasted.

Business performance

Base your strategy on real data insights combined into a visual dashboard, so that you can track KPIs, compare performance to historical data, and make better business decisions for the future.

Customer excellence

Serve your customers better by understanding their needs and buying behaviors, relying on data-driven insights.

The problem

Lack of data-driven insights in the age of information overload

In order to help you gather and analyze your data better, we provide smart solutions that connect all areas of your business. Having an incomplete picture of your business performance can do more harm than good.

Our Solution

Transform complex data into easy-to-use tools to boost growth

We turn disconnected data sources into powerful, easy-to-use dashboards for forecasting, budgeting, planning, and performance optimization. Our dashboards give you a real-time overview of important KPIs and improvement opportunities so that you can focus on business growth.


We believe that every company
should be a data company

Data and knowledge drive the business world. We use our skills to help clients worldwide set new business trends and drive their industries.​

  • Monitor your business performance anywhere
  • Automate manual processes so that you can focus on more important tasks
  • Our Qlik consultants are always ready to support with new ideas and suggest the optimal way to reach your goal
  • We use the latest and greatest advanced analytics technologies
  • Our Qlik consultants ensure efficient project execution and support
  • We get to the core of your business challenges and make sure that our solutions are effective and bring real business value
Our data services

Services, tailored to fit your specific business needs

System Integration

We bring together data from any system and data source into a single platform to create a single source of truth in a unified business ecosystem.

Environment Management

Data can be overwhelming but making sense of it is the key to success. We will make sure that your enterprise data environment is well maintained through rigorous testing, monitoring, and infrastructure management.

Comprehensive Data Strategy

We take care of the entire process of deployment of a new dashboard. From data assessment and consultation to design, engineering, and analytics, we build a sustainable data strategy for the entire organization.

Take advantage of our reusable solutions, specifically tailored to fit your specific business needs, and quickly implement them in your organization.

Team augmentation

Our senior developers can become a part of your team and work in your existing systems, adding extra capacity and expertise to help you solve even the most persistent challenges.

Data Culture

Foster a data culture. We will help you train your staff to feel more comfortable with data. Understanding and interpreting data is what will make you stand out from the competition. We provide data literacy training for all levels of technical understanding.


Seamlessly move from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Our experts will make sure that it’s all business as usual while migrating. The only thing that you will notice will be the end result.

Make the most of what’s new on the market. We will analyze your current ecosystem and integrate the best platform for you in the best way possible according to the highest industry standards.


We use world’s leading platform
to build solutions for you

We help businesses eliminate human error and repetitive work through intelligent automation
using the most advanced and agile platforms on the market.

Healthcare Management and Patient Journey

With multiple successful projects in the Life Sciences industry,  we help you gain a complete overview of your patients’ data, rate surgical cases, track a patient’s journey from diagnosis to outcome, and have a 360 view of healthcare professionals’ performance and qualifications.

Product Management

B EYE has vast experience in enabling strategic decision-making through data in different organizations. We help strategic product teams analyze key opinion leaders’ influence and activities and use it for business growth, have a 360 view of new products launches, and more.

Sales Analytics and Commercial Excellence

Sales and Commercial analytics is crucial for gaining a bigger market share and improving the business performance of any organization. B EYE helped many businesses gain a dynamic real-time overview of all sales data and custom KPIs, automate sales reporting, and more.

Supply Chain Management

With years of experience in the Supply Chain industry and countless successfully completed projects, B EYE can provide you with a real-time overview of your inventory, help you ensure timely deliveries, assess stocking risks, trace parts and products across the supply chain, and more.

Perfect client

Are we the perfect
fit for each other?

Our clients trust us to improve their systems and provide them with a better understanding of their data. In exchange, we deliver top-quality services that help them succeed.

Driving force

You want to dominate the market and understand that analytics is the tool that will help you stay ahead of the competition.


You are an early adopter of the new trends and technologies and are eager to try new approaches and innovative solutions.

Data maturity

There is no need to have analytics in place – we will take care of that. Collecting the data is a big step towards analytics greatness. If you have the data – we will clean it, enrich it, and work with it to bring you the answers to your challenges.

Data literacy training

Train how to handle
your data

We at B EYE, stepping on our long-standing experience as data professionals, prepared a specialized training program that can help anyone regardless of experience and position use data with confidence. The ultimate goal for participants is to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities as well as make more informed decisions.

  • Understand the fundamental principles of data analysis and how to use them to achieve data-driven decision-making
  • Create and interpret data visualizations that explain business trends and issues
  • Identify and avoid pitfalls when working with data
Data is power

Do you want to unleash the power of your data?

Each of our clients receives our team’s utter dedication and loyalty.

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