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Whether you’re just getting started with dbt, aiming to refine existing data models, or seeking to enhance your overall data transformation strategy, our expertise in dbt consulting will guide you every step of the way. 

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  • Data Transformation Strategy and Implementation 
    Develop a comprehensive data strategy and execute it effectively using dbt. Our team assists in planning and implementing a tailored data transformation roadmap, ensuring your dbt setup aligns with your business goals and scales with your needs.
  • Modern Data Architecture Development 
    Craft cutting-edge data architectures that leverage dbt for efficient, scalable, and secure data handling. These architectures are designed to support various analytics needs, including business intelligence and regulatory reporting.
  • dbt Data Modeling Enhancement 
    Improve your existing dbt data models or create new ones to ensure efficiency, reusability, and performance. Our services include model assessment, optimization, and strategy development for robust data modeling.
  • dbt Cloud Integration and Configuration 
    Seamlessly integrate dbt with your cloud environment, whether on dbt Cloud or CLI. We handle roles, permissions, and connections to data warehouses and GitHub, optimizing CI/CD pipeline and package utilization.
  • Comprehensive dbt Health Check 
    Evaluate your current dbt environment for performance, scalability, and best practices. We provide insights and actionable recommendations to optimize your dbt setup and enhance data processes.
  • dbt Training and Skill Development 
    Elevate your team’s expertise in dbt with our specialized training programs. We focus on practical skills for modeling, integrating data, and building robust dbt models, ensuring your team is fully equipped to utilize dbt effectively.
  • dbt Advisory and Optimization Services 
    Receive expert advice and support for your dbt projects. Our services include environment review, troubleshooting, and optimization, ensuring your dbt implementation is streamlined, efficient, and reliable.
  • 24/6 dbt Support Services 
    Ensure continuous operational excellence with our round-the-clock support. We provide immediate assistance for any dbt-related queries or issues, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximum productivity.
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The Advantages of Choosing dbt

Wondering if dbt is the right tool for your data transformation needs?  

dbt, or Data Build Tool, is a powerful solution for modern analytics engineering, enabling you to transform and model your data efficiently within your warehouse.  

With dbt, you can streamline the data transformation process, turning raw data into actionable insights quickly and accurately. It’s designed for agility, allowing for modular SQL or Python-based transformations, fostering collaboration and version control, much like software engineering.  

By partnering with B EYE, you can unlock dbt’s full potential, benefiting from our expertise in deploying and optimizing dbt for your specific requirements.  

Our guidance ensures you make the most of dbt’s features like test-driven development and automatic documentation, leading to more reliable and transparent data pipelines.  

Explore the benefits of dbt with B EYE and transform your data processes into a more efficient, collaborative, and scalable system, essential for data-driven decision-making. 

dbt Success Stories

Condé Nast faced a challenge with their complex and fragmented data architecture, which hindered their global expansion. To address this, they tested and integrated dbt with Databricks Lakehouse, aiming for a more streamlined data environment. This integration simplified their data architecture, enhancing collaboration across their data teams and aligning with their scalability goals. 

 With dbt and Databricks, Condé Nast’s teams could access consistent data sets on their Evergreen platform, built on Databricks and AWS. This change led to significant improvements in efficiency for data warehouse engineers, who were now able to build data models more quickly and with less reliance on data engineers. The integration resulted in a 30% increase in self-service capabilities among these engineers and saved 16 hours per data integration project. 

The implementation of dbt and Databricks Lakehouse at Condé Nast successfully transformed their data handling processes. This transition not only improved data trust and quality but also significantly enhanced the productivity and agility of their data teams. 

At HubSpot, a global customer experience platform, the data team faced challenges in managing their complex data architecture. James Densmore, the Director of Data Infrastructure, led the adoption of Snowflake, a cloud warehouse, to streamline data processes. This move eliminated the need for a dedicated database admin, thanks to Snowflake’s dynamic scaling and cloning features. 

However, data transformation issues persisted, especially with Apache Airflow. HubSpot’s analysts struggled with a messy code base and complex model dependencies, which hindered productivity and scalability. To address these challenges, HubSpot turned to dbt (data build tool), which empowered analysts to own their tooling and simplified data modeling. 

With dbt, analysts at HubSpot could easily define model dependencies and update models, leading to more modular and maintainable SQL queries. This shift not only enhanced the efficiency of the data team but also aligned with HubSpot’s culture of autonomy, empowering analysts to build productive and scalable analytics solutions. 

JetBlue Airways, renowned for its exceptional customer service, faced a major challenge in managing its expanding data infrastructure. The centralized data team at JetBlue, responsible for data transformation and compliance, encountered bottlenecks as data volumes surged. Ben Singleton, Director of Data Science & Analytics, recognized the need for a more collaborative approach to data management, allowing experts in various business functions to take greater ownership of their data. 

To revolutionize their data workflows, JetBlue adopted Snowflake and dbt, aligning with the modern cloud warehousing and analytics engineering workflow. This transition enabled JetBlue to achieve several key objectives: ensuring compliance and security, delivering real-time data for operational decisions, catching data quality issues proactively, and making data transformation accessible to a broader range of analysts. 

The implementation of Snowflake and dbt not only improved data transparency and documentation but also significantly enhanced the productivity and autonomy of JetBlue’s data teams. This shift to a more democratized approach to data access allowed JetBlue to effectively manage the challenges of a pandemic-stricken industry while preparing for a more data-driven future. The journey towards data democratization at JetBlue represents a radical transformation, setting a new strategic foundation for data management and analytics across the organization. 

At McDonald’s Nordics, operating in four markets with over 400 restaurants, the challenge was to unify their disparate data systems into one cohesive platform. This transformation was crucial for reporting to both the master franchise Food Folk and McDonald’s Global. Each market had its own IT and data warehouse solution, creating a complex and fragmented data landscape. 

To centralize their data architecture, McDonald’s Nordics selected dbt Cloud and Data Vault 2.0. dbt Cloud provided vital data lineage and scheduling capabilities, while Data Vault 2.0 offered a structured approach to organize and manage data effectively. 

The integration of AutomateDV significantly sped up the setup process, focusing on refining business logic. This new system enabled rapid access to historical data changes, streamlined troubleshooting, and built trust in data quality among business users. 

The transformation has led to more efficient data management and greater democratization within the organization. The next step is to train more team members in data modeling, enhancing the overall data capability of McDonald’s Nordics. This shift not only improves internal processes but also sets a new standard in the food service industry for managing complex data environments. 

Nasdaq, overseeing 30 stock exchanges, ventured into cloud technology in 2012, leading to a data warehouse launch and new marketplaces. This shift, while enhancing data infrastructure, also opened doors for advanced analytics and ETL processes. One significant step was empowering business users who previously struggled with complicated data requests. Nasdaq aimed to involve them directly in data transformation, adapting to clients’ needs for dynamic data access. 

The transition to a modern data stack involved overcoming challenges like legacy ETL tools and siloed teams creating their own data solutions. A major change was implementing dbt Cloud, which streamlined analytics and SQL models, enabling business users to engage directly with data. 

This move to dbt Cloud revolutionized data access for Nasdaq, particularly in their options business, leading to better data visibility and faster insights. Now, Nasdaq continues to expand this modern data approach, integrating new tools and planning to extend these benefits to international markets. 

Nitrogen, a leader in wealth management analytics, faced a critical challenge in expanding to larger firms. Tasked with creating a new data integration for a mid-sized client within six weeks, they encountered the limits of their legacy data infrastructure. Seeking a more scalable solution, Nitrogen turned to dbt Cloud and Snowflake, drawn by their simplicity and quick learning curve. 

This strategic shift resulted in successfully meeting the tight deadline, achieving the integration in half the usual time with fewer resources. The adoption of dbt Cloud and Snowflake not only accelerated data delivery but also significantly reduced operational costs. This efficiency improvement enhanced customer experience by providing wealth managers with earlier access to crucial market data. 

Looking forward, Nitrogen plans to extend dbt adoption across various teams, including compliance, and focus on enhancing data governance. This transition marks a significant advancement in Nitrogen’s data capabilities, supporting their growth and innovation in the wealth management industry. 

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