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Leverage automation and AI with UiPath to transform your business. 

Our expert consulting and development services streamline processes, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences. 

Certified UiPath Experts

Our team of B EYE UiPath experts boasts comprehensive training and deep experience across the entire UiPath automation lifecycle.  

We partner with organizations to identify and implement process enhancements using UiPath, ensuring improvements are executed with precision.  

Our expertise spans from strategic planning to hands-on development and deployment of UiPath robots, enabling us to manage and scale robotic process automation effectively.  

With a focus on continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps, we can manage this transformative technology at scale across your enterprise. 

The Advantages of Choosing UiPath

Considering UiPath for your automation needs?  

UiPath transforms how businesses operate by integrating AI with automation across all processes.  

It offers tools for discovering optimization opportunities and automating tasks, leading to increased productivity and better customer experiences.  

With UiPath, you can automate everything from routine tasks to complex system processes, making operations faster and reducing costs.  

Partnering with B EYE, you get expert guidance to implement UiPath effectively, ensuring your business achieves its efficiency goals and sets a strong foundation for growth. Our certified UiPath professionals help you leverage the platform to its full potential, enabling you to navigate through your digital transformation journey smoothly. 

Our Custom UiPath Services

Whether you’re embarking on your initial automation journey, looking to enhance your current UiPath solutions, or aiming to maximize the efficiency of your automated processes, our expert team at B EYE is here to guide and support you every step of the way.  

Our UiPath services are designed to cater to all your automation needs, ensuring your business meets its operational objectives and achieves a competitive edge in today’s digital era. 

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  • UiPath Strategy and Planning 
    We gain in-depth understanding of your needs to develop a comprehensive automation strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring seamless integration and maximization of UiPath’s potential in your operations.
  • UiPath Process Assessment 
    Our experts conduct thorough assessments of your existing processes to identify the best candidates for automation, ensuring a strategic approach to RPA deployment that delivers tangible benefits.
  • UiPath Custom Development 
    Our developers specialize in designing and implementing custom UiPath solutions tailored to your specific business needs, from simple automation to complex workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity across all departments.
  • UiPath Implementation and Integration 
    We ensure a smooth and effective implementation of UiPath RPA solutions within your IT ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems to enhance operational workflows without disrupting your business activities.
  • UiPath Performance Optimization 
    We provide ongoing support to fine-tune your UiPath automations, ensuring they remain efficient, effective, and aligned with changing business needs and technological advancements.
  • UiPath Scaling and Expansion 
    As your business grows, so do your automation needs. We assist in strategically scaling your UiPath solutions to meet increased demands, ensuring your RPA infrastructure supports your business expansion.
  • UiPath Training and Skill Development 
    Our training programs are designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills required to manage and optimize UiPath solutions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • 24/6 Support Services 
    Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to address any issues, provide maintenance, and ensure your UiPath solutions continue to operate at peak performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing ROI. 

Ui Path Success Stories

Uber, a global tech company renowned for connecting the physical and digital worlds, leverages UiPath’s robotic process automation (RPA) to coordinate its global operations, streamline processes, and ensure regulatory compliance amid rapid expansion.

Implementing UiPath RPA has generated $10 million in annual savings and a 350% ROI in just one year, demonstrating the significant impact of automation on operational efficiency and cost containment. This strategic automation initiative has led to the development of over 100 automations, enhancing productivity across various functions, including finance and freight billing, and contributing to improved employee satisfaction by alleviating the workload.

The adoption of UiPath RPA has not only optimized Uber’s invoice processing and regulatory compliance measures but also supported its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, highlighting the transformative power of automation in fostering innovation and sustaining growth in a competitive landscape. 

Generali Investments, part of the Generali Group managing over €500 billion in assets, embarked on a digital transformation journey by implementing a citizen developer program with UiPath’s RPA technology. This initiative empowered over 50 employees across 15 teams to automate more than 30% of their processes, leading to significant time savings and operational efficiency improvements. The program’s success was recognized with a gold prize at the 2023 Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards, highlighting Generali’s innovative approach to leveraging employee-led development for digital transformation.

Through training in smart automation and the support of a dedicated Center of Excellence, Generali Investments has fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration, allowing citizen developers to create impactful solutions that enhance productivity and customer service. The program’s expansion plans include increasing training sessions, establishing a community of practice, and recognizing the contributions of citizen developers, ensuring the continued growth and success of Generali’s automation initiatives. 

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), serving parts of London and surrounding areas, embarked on a digital transformation journey to improve efficiency and patient care. Partnering with NHS England’s Corporate Services Transformation Program and external developers, CNWL embraced UiPath robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline processes across finance, procurement, and HR, freeing up staff for more critical tasks.

The Trust expanded its use of automation into clinical settings, notably in its school immunization program, where manual, paper-based consent processes were digitized and automated, saving significant time and reducing errors. The success of these initiatives led to the development of an internal Center of Enablement, aimed at scaling automation Trust-wide.

The Trust now boasts 12 robots across various departments, including clinical settings, and is training citizen developers to further embed automation in its operations. The transformative impact of RPA at CNWL illustrates the power of technology to enhance healthcare delivery, making a compelling case for the broader adoption of automation within the NHS to ensure high-quality patient care. 

Heineken, a global brewing leader, embarked on a hyperautomation journey, aiming to save 1,000,000 hours by 2025. With a fragmented tech landscape across its 80+ operating companies, the initiative initially saved 14,000 hours monthly through 140 automations, thanks to the effort of 13 federated teams worldwide. The journey began in 2018, with the finance team’s pilot project quickly evolving into a broader ambition for scale and efficiency.

By adopting UiPath, Heineken established a flexible, federated delivery model allowing local teams to automate processes in a manner tailored to their specific business culture and needs. This decentralized approach fostered significant engagement and creativity across the organization, leading to substantial time savings in finance, IT, HR, procurement, and commerce.

Lucy Todorovska, Heineken’s Global Hyperautomation Product Manager, highlights the strategy’s success, emphasizing the adoption of hyperautomation and the creation of a competitive, but friendly, automation culture among federated teams. Heineken’s future plans include continuing to raise awareness and adopting “automation by design” to integrate technology more seamlessly into business processes, striving to meet its ambitious goal. 

Nielsen, a global market research firm, has embraced RPA to enhance efficiency and support digital transformation across its vast operational scope, covering more than 40 countries. By integrating UiPath’s RPA platform, Nielsen has streamlined the aggregation and analysis of data, crucial for delivering timely market insights to clients in various industries. This move towards automation has not only expedited the delivery of analysis but also marked significant time savings, with 347,997 hours saved in business-as-usual and development functions.

The establishment of an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) has been key, fostering innovation and scaling automation efforts company-wide. This CoE, with around 150 champions globally, underscores a democratized approach to automation, where business units identify and implement RPA solutions relevant to their operations. Notably, Nielsen’s automation projects have brought about substantial operational efficiencies, including around-the-clock monitoring of system thresholds to ensure service level agreements are met without error.

As Nielsen continues to expand its RPA initiatives, the focus shifts towards intelligent automation, aiming to further enhance data-driven decision-making and operational agility. 

Schneider Electric, a leader in energy and automation digital solutions, has significantly improved its supply chain efficiency by adopting RPA technology. The company, which manages a diverse and expansive product portfolio, targeted RPA to eliminate monotonous tasks, thereby enabling employees to concentrate on their primary roles.

A notable automation project reduced a 4-hour task to just 2 minutes, exemplifying RPA’s capability to enhance operational efficiency dramatically. This initiative not only saved time but also allowed two employees to shift their focus to support their teams better.

During the COVID-19 health crisis, Schneider Electric leveraged RPA to streamline the distribution of personal protective equipment across Europe, demonstrating RPA’s agility and effectiveness in critical situations. The success of these projects underscores the importance of standardizing processes and ensuring robust support systems post-implementation.

Schneider Electric’s commitment to digital transformation and skill enhancement through RPA is evident in its comprehensive training programs, facilitated by its Global Chain Academy and partnerships with technology leaders like UiPath. This strategic approach to automation, focusing on both technological and human aspects, positions Schneider Electric at the forefront of digital innovation in the manufacturing sector. 

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