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Adding new functionalities every 2 weeks


Generating 23,000 Analyses every day


More than 50 active applications

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Over 2,000 active users per day

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Automated distribution of over 1,000 reports via email every day

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Request a demo

You can request a demo and B EYE consultants will contact you to arrange for a meeting with special presentation for your team at your office. We will prepare cases and demos related to your business to showcase how our solutions can improve your reporting, analytics and decision making. On demand, B EYE consultants can work with your data to demonstrate what you could achieve with a modern and agile Business Intelligence applications.

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We put a strong emphasize on hiring and developing people with bright minds and natural curiosity. Our work environment is challenging & friendly. We encourage each individual to develop his/hers skills through specially designed internal educational programs for both soft and hard skills. We understand that our know-how is created by our team and we put great care to grow and improve it. Our HR practices enable B EYE consultants to be business minded people with IT skills who understand our partners` business needs and deliver the best in class solutions, tailormade to fit like a glove to the clients existing IT environment and solve their business challenges.

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