Data Analytics and BI

  • Developing visual analytics dashboards.
  • Automating report distribution to thousands of users.
  • Extracting and transforming data from any source.
  • Integrating data anywhere.
  • Improving the data literacy of your organization.
  • Building a support team for your company.

Automation and AI

  • Making robots and turning people from robots back to humans again.
  • Automate any task that doesn’t require complex decision-making.
  • Fast implementation, fast and high ROI achievement.
  • Super scalable solutions.

Connected Planning

  • Bringing people, data, and plans together.
  • Business plans adjustable in real time.
  • Accelerating your business performance.
  • Developing what-if scenarios.
  • Developing predictive models.
  • Eliminating hundreds of spreadsheets.
  • Eliminating thousands of man-hours.


How we do it


technical expertise

We are a team of world-class certified professionals with extensive track record of successful projects.

business partner


We are proactive in our approach, taking care of agile execution and suggesting improvements along the way for higher execution efficiency.


business knowledge

We establish long-term relationships with our clients, understanding their organizations inside-out.


and agility

We create scalable solutions that exceed our client expectations and are easily adopted throughout the organization.


Successful projects


Active data applications


Hours spent in our applications per day


Automatically distributed reports

Message from our Founder

“I have been bringing my passion for analytics, discovery and driving change to dozens of companies for more than a decade. B EYE’s clients are companies that realize that the key to success is not their size, their wealth or connections. Our clients realize that there is no better business moat than the ability to use data to drive effective decisions and ability to quickly plan and model the future. Helping great organizations enhance their decision-making processes at every level has brought a wealth of positive change. This is B EYE’s way of making a difference in the world and we enjoy every step we take in this journey.”

Dimitar Dekov

Our clients are all around the globe

Our clients are all around the globe

Awards and Recognitions

Tech Growth Business of the Year 2018

“Tech Growth Business of the Year”

Tech Company of the Year 2019

“Tech Company of the Year”

Financial Times “Europe's Fastest Growing Companies Ranking”

Financial Times “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies Ranking”

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