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We constantly deliver new solutions to our clients and research our industry’s best practices and new developments. We decided to share our knowledge in guides and whitepapers on the topics that we know a lot about.


Demand Planning Guide 

Explore the core principles and best practices for effective demand planning in our in-depth guide. Discover the transformative power of AI and tools like Anaplan to streamline and enhance your supply chain strategy. 


Retail Analytics Guide 

This all-encompassing guide delivers actionable insights for retailers who want to leverage analytics and transform each shopper’s click into tailored experiences and robust sales growth. 

Retail analytics guide
manufacturing analytics eBook

Manufacturing Analytics Guide 

This comprehensive guide outlines practical steps for manufacturers to leverage data analytics for streamlined operations and business growth.


Cloud Data Management Guide

Master cloud data management, its benefits & risks. Dive into strategies, platforms & best practices The Ultimate Cloud Data Management Guide for Executives

embedded analytics

See the Power of Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics is a driving factor of the overall employee engagement with data analytics as well as the adoption of self-service analytics. By using embedded analytics, your team gains immediate and connected access to analytics right within the apps, allowing for better communication and insight discovery.


Project Management with Qlik

We have been creating project management optimization applications for our clients to share the following learnings with you. We are sharing the nitty-gritty of the business side of it as well as the technical know-how.

project management with qlik guide
Qlik Mashups guide

Everything You Need to Know about Qlik Mashups

Qlik Mashups allow you to combine data from multiple dashboards and Qlik applications, drive meaningful insights in a matter of seconds, and present them seamlessly.


How Sales Reps lie to Compliance

Compliance makes sure your salespeople work in a legal, ethical and monitored way, which eliminates the risk of corporate lawsuits and other inconveniences. With time, salespeople have found new creative ways to lie to compliance while staying under the radar. We offer an unconventional approach to uncovering corporate breaches and creating a productive workflow in the Life Sciences industry.

how sales reps lie to compliance
Gartner magic quadrant 2021

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

BI platforms started putting more emphasis on the self-service aspect for end-users, Increasingly, the focus of augmentation is shifting from the analyst to the consumer or decision-maker. Find out who are the market leaders and what differentiates them. 

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