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Our Custom Snowflake Services

Whether you’re starting your journey with Snowflake, looking to to maximize your existing deployment, or enhancing data-driven decision-making, our tailored Snowflake services are here to guide your path.  

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  • Data Architecture Design 
    We specialize in designing and constructing scalable Snowflake architectures that foster high-quality, accessible data. Our approach reduces administrative costs and adapts dynamically as your business needs evolve.
  • Snowflake Health Check 
    Our comprehensive evaluation covers your Snowflake environment’s performance, security, reliability, and cost efficiency. We deliver in-depth insights and best practice recommendations for enhanced operational excellence.
  • Database Platform Migration 
    We provide expert guidance in migrating your data assets to Snowflake, ensuring a smooth transition. Our services include detailed planning, configuration, and execution strategies, tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment 
    Assessing your organization’s preparedness for cloud migration, we identify key steps for a successful transition. We focus on ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while leveraging the full potential of cloud technologies.
  • Data Integration and Transformation 
    Our services streamline the integration and transformation of data within Snowflake, enhancing your analytical capabilities. We facilitate efficient consolidation of diverse data sources, ensuring coherence and actionable insights.
  • AI/ML and Data Science Enablement 
    Harness the power of AI and ML with Snowflake. We aid in preparing, building, and deploying data models and pipelines, tackling complex challenges with advanced cloud-based solutions.
  • Analytics and BI Integration 
    Integrating Snowflake with leading analytics and BI tools, we enhance your data visualization and decision-making processes. Our solutions enable a seamless connection between Snowflake and platforms like Qlik Sense, Tableau, and  Power BI, ensuring a unified data analysis experience.
  • 24/6 Support Services 
    Our dedicated support services ensure your Snowflake environment runs smoothly, with round-the-clock assistance for any queries or issues. We provide continuous monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization to maintain peak performance and reliability.

Snowflake Success Stories

Figma, a leading cloud-based design platform, revolutionized its security data program with Snowflake, creating a scalable and efficient system for handling security data. The integration of Snowflake as a security data lake enabled Figma to store and analyze years of security data, including high-volume datasets like Okta System Logs and AWS CloudTrail logs, without worrying about cost or retention limits. Leveraging Snowflake-connected applications such as Panther, Figma’s security engineers could run advanced data analyses and create custom detections using SQL and Python. 

This modern approach broke down silos between the security and data teams, allowing for collaboration within the same data platform. Figma’s challenge was managing exponential growth in data volumes and attack surfaces while maintaining robust security. By connecting Panther with Snowflake, Figma established a unified repository for disparate security logs, facilitating automated detections and efficient data querying. 

Snowflake’s central role in Figma’s security operations enabled faster and more confident investigations, transforming manual checks into automated workflows. The result was a robust, collaborative security environment that enhanced Figma’s ability to respond to security incidents and maintain customer trust, positioning them for continued growth and innovation in security management. 

Bumble, the parent company of Bumble, Badoo, and Fruitz, leveraged Snowflake’s platform to democratize data and foster innovation, particularly post-IPO.

With over 200 users, Snowflake maintained query performance and became the single source of truth for 15 internal products. Faced with rapid growth and rising demands on internal reporting systems, Bumble needed a scalable, cost-effective solution. The legacy data warehouse was insufficient, leading Bumble to explore cloud platforms, ultimately choosing Snowflake for its SQL support and comprehensive features. 

Snowflake’s straightforward implementation and cross-cloud provider functionality made it an ideal choice for Bumble. The platform facilitated efficient BI reporting and data democratization, allowing broader user access to intuitive interfaces.

Bumble’s successful data collaboration and Snowflake’s scalability eliminated performance bottlenecks, freeing up engineering resources. Looking ahead, Bumble plans to further integrate Snowflake features like Time Travel for financial investigations, confident in the platform’s scalability and efficiency. 

Capital One, a major player in the banking industry, embraced Snowflake to overcome various data challenges. The key was Snowflake’s innovative managed platform, which separates compute and storage, allowing data engineering teams to focus more on innovation rather than infrastructure management. This change facilitated the training of machine learning models, accelerating the time to market for new digital products. 

Capital One’s transition to a fully cloud-based operation, a first in the banking sector, was underpinned by Snowflake’s efficient governance capabilities, ensuring compliance throughout the migration. Snowflake’s platform provided a resilient and agile infrastructure, critical for Capital One’s rapid adaptation to changing data demands. The platform’s integration with AWS led to speedy data transfers and consistent performance for thousands of analysts running millions of queries daily. 

Looking ahead, Capital One is excited about new features like Snow Park for machine learning models and the potential of data marketplaces. Their partnership with Snowflake has proven to be transformative, significantly saving time and resources while scaling to meet growing demands, demonstrating Snowflake’s ability to meet their specific use cases effectively. 

Siemens transformed its data management with the Siemens Data Cloud on Snowflake, centralizing data for improved decision-making and scaling AI usage. Faced with their previous infrastructure’s limitations in scalability and AI integration, Snowflake provided a solution with its vast data handling capabilities and advanced data-sharing features. The Siemens Data Cloud has become the cornerstone of their data strategy, enabling swift legacy application migration and real-time ERP data replication. 

This innovation has propelled Siemens’ data scientists to leverage AI and ML for process automation, particularly in supply chain management to minimize risks. Snowflake’s flexible, cloud-agnostic environment supports various data types and applications, ensuring robust governance and security. The platform’s self-service feature has streamlined sensitive data projects, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Looking ahead, Siemens plans to extend its cloud capabilities beyond internal processes, aiming to offer advanced data automation solutions as a service. The integration with Snowflake marks a significant leap in Siemens’ efficiency, performance, and competitive edge in the technology sector. 

Yamaha Corporation of America, facing challenges with its on-premises database system, turned to Snowflake Cloud Data Platform for more efficient data management. Their legacy system struggled with rendering data visualizations and providing timely insights, leading to delayed decision-making. Snowflake’s powerful processing capabilities allowed Yamaha to ingest millions of records rapidly, significantly outperforming other data warehouses. This transition resulted in data visualizations loading in just 30 seconds, a marked improvement from the previous three-minute wait. 

The implementation of Snowflake provided Yamaha with near real-time insights, crucial for informed decision-making across sales, marketing, and inventory teams. Hourly data updates offered up-to-date sales insights, empowering teams to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Yamaha’s future plans include leveraging Snowflake for predictive analytics and implementing role-based access controls, aligning with the company’s growing data needs. The shift to Snowflake not only enhanced Yamaha’s data processing capabilities but also offered a more cost-effective and efficient data management solution. 

Warner Music Group (WMG) modernized its data infrastructure with Snowflake, significantly enhancing fan engagement across its vast music portfolio. Using Snowflake, WMG streamlined data integration, creating a unified platform for audience analysis and content syndication. This transformation led to a more comprehensive understanding of fan preferences, facilitating targeted multi-channel connections between fans and artists. 

The migration to Snowflake was completed in under six months, supporting additional data types and sources. This central data repository enabled WMG to securely share data with internal teams, improving audience creation and marketing strategies. The integration of Hightouch with Snowflake further simplified audience syndication, enhancing operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness. 

The results were transformative. WMG can now rapidly build and syndicate complex audience profiles, aiding agencies in optimizing advertising campaigns. This new data-driven approach allows WMG to offer personalized communications and improve fan experiences. Looking ahead, WMG plans to further leverage Snowflake’s capabilities to segment fans more efficiently and explore new use cases, ensuring continued growth in fan engagement and brand loyalty. 

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