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Elevate your business efficiency and agility with B EYE’s expert AWS consulting. Achieve tangible results and innovation through custom AWS cloud solutions. 

Our Custom AWS Solutions

Whether starting with AWS or seeking to expand, our range of AWS solutions ensures your business excels in the cloud era. 

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  • Cloud Migration
    Transitioning to AWS is streamlined and efficient, reducing downtime and enhancing your operational efficiency. Our approach ensures a smooth, secure migration aligned with your business objectives.
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  • Data Analytics
    Unlock the full potential of your data with AWS’s advanced analytics capabilities. We help you transform data into strategic insights, driving growth and informed decision-making.
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  • DevOps Automation
    Streamline your development lifecycle with AWS’s DevOps automation tools. Our solutions increase efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate time-to-market for your applications. 
  • IoT Solutions 
    Integrate and manage your IoT devices effortlessly with AWS’s comprehensive IoT services. We provide solutions that ensure seamless connectivity, data collection, and device management. 
  • AI & Machine Learning
    Stay competitive by leveraging AI and machine learning on AWS. Our solutions enable innovation and intelligent automation, enhancing your business processes and offerings.
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  • Serverless Computing
    Embrace the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of AWS’s serverless computing. Our solutions help you scale effortlessly without worrying about infrastructure management. 
  • Security & Compliance
    Safeguard your applications and data on AWS with our robust security and compliance solutions. We ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, protecting your business and customers. 
  • 24/6 Support Services 
    Our dedicated support team is available round the clock, six days a week, to address any issues or queries you may have, ensuring uninterrupted, efficient operations. 
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The Advantages of Choosing AWS

Wondering if AWS is the right choice for your business?  

AWS stands out with its scalable infrastructure that aligns with your business growth.  

It offers robust security and compliance, ensuring your data’s safety. The platform is cost-effective, aiding in efficient operations.  

With B EYE’s expertise, you can leverage AWS for advanced analytics and AI capabilities, streamlining your cloud infrastructure management for better operational efficiency. 

AWS Success Stories

When Sony sought to enhance its SAP West Platform’s agility and modernization, they chose to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic move aimed to improve runtime performance and reduce data footprint while empowering their global users. The migration led to a 40% improvement in runtime performance and a 30% reduction in data size, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. It not only empowered their global user base but also achieved cost reductions while maintaining high resilience.

The migration process, which began in April 2020 and went live in July 2021, was smooth and well-supported during the hypercare period. This transition marked a key step in Sony’s journey towards technological modernization, proving to be a successful endeavor with numerous benefits such as agility, transparency, and modernization. The cost savings realized were substantial, allowing Sony to reallocate funds to other business areas.

This project showcases how AWS can drive performance improvements and operational efficiency at a global scale. 

Meta, a global technology leader, faced the challenge of instituting scalable, standardized security protocols across its numerous development teams. As the company increasingly migrated workloads to AWS, the need for a secure-by-design solution became evident. Meta’s goal was to create an environment incorporating in-house security technologies with AWS’s built-in security features. The result was an enhanced development speed across teams and uniform threat detection, achieving a secure, scalable solution.

By building secure-by-design on AWS, Meta not only sped up the development of custom workloads but also saved significant costs and achieved scalable security. The solution leveraged AWS Config for workload compliance needs and AWS Identity and Access Management for secure access. Meta’s approach to secure-by-design on AWS exemplifies how companies can enhance security while saving costs and speeding up development, effectively meeting their complex security and operational needs. 

Salesforce, aiming to improve healthcare access and provide a connected experience, developed Salesforce Health Cloud: Virtual Care on AWS. This initiative sought to simplify virtual appointments and provide a 360-degree view of patients.

The solution, built on Amazon Chime SDK, offers intelligent near-real-time communication capabilities. This innovative approach streamlined healthcare access, saving valuable time for both doctors and patients, and enabled more personalized care. With live closed-captioning, the solution expanded accessibility, offering an equitable healthcare experience.

Salesforce’s use of AWS technologies for its Health Cloud illustrates how cloud solutions can revolutionize healthcare, making it more accessible and efficient. The project highlights the potential of AWS in transforming healthcare services, providing a scalable, agile telehealth solution that benefits both healthcare providers and patients. 

Merck, a global biopharmaceutical company, sought to enhance the efficiency of its manufacturing operations through better data visibility and analytics. Facing challenges with its legacy data platform, Merck used AWS to build MANTIS, a holistic platform for decision-making in manufacturing.

The AWS-powered MANTIS unified data from over 120 systems, providing over 3,000 users with an efficient way to access and analyze data. The platform led to a threefold improvement in performance and halved operating costs. With 400 TB of data storage, MANTIS improved data scalability, democratization, and advanced analytics capabilities. This significant reduction in data ingestion time showcased AWS’s ability to transform data management and analytics in manufacturing.

The project exemplifies how AWS can revolutionize data management in manufacturing, leading to strategic decision-making and operational excellence. 

Bosch Thermotechnology North America (Bosch TTNA) embarked on a journey to modernize and migrate its business to AWS, focusing on developing smart HVAC systems. The goal was to monitor products remotely while minimizing the burden of infrastructure management.

Utilizing AWS for its solutions connected Bosch’s devices to AWS Internet of Things (AWS IoT), employing serverless technologies for data processing and application integration. This move significantly reduced the product time to market by four months, lowered the total cost of ownership, and increased the development team’s agility.

Bosch TTNA’s successful launch of its first-ever smart product on AWS marked a milestone in the company’s innovation journey. The project highlights AWS’s capability to enhance product development and operational efficiency, demonstrating the power of cloud technology in enabling smart product development. 

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) aimed to migrate 100,000 snapshots to EBS Snapshots Archive on AWS, focusing on cost savings and compliance. The migration, completed in less than two months, was non-disruptive and met backup compliance and legal regulations.

The shift to AWS resulted in over $1 million in annual storage cost savings. J&J continues to utilize AWS for archiving additional snapshots, maintaining data for compliance with minimal business intervention. The use of AWS has enabled J&J to archive over five petabytes of storage, meeting compliance requirements while reducing costs.

This success story underscores AWS’s capability to offer effective, cost-efficient data archival solutions, supporting large-scale compliance needs and operational efficiency. 

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The Industries We Serve

B EYE specializes in guiding Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries towards achieving their goals. Our expertise in data analytics transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

What We Do

Our approach is what sets us apart. With B EYE, you gain:

Experts in Every Technology, at Every Lifecycle Stage

Our experts cover every technology, guiding you from strategy creation to integration and analytics.

We align our efforts with your business goals, ensuring meaningful progress at every stage.

With a focus on both current requirements and future readiness, our expertise is your advantage in navigating the data landscape.

Tailored Services

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

Our services are customized to address your specific challenges and goals. This approach ensures that our strategies resonate with your unique business context, maximizing the impact of your data initiatives.

Through collaboration and continuous feedback, we refine our solutions to better suit your evolving needs.

End-to-End Capability

Whether you need a comprehensive solution or just a piece of the puzzle, we offer both full-scope projects and standalone services.

Our versatility allows us to support your data journey at any stage, from initial assessment to ongoing management and optimization.

With B EYE, you gain a partner capable of driving transformation, regardless of your starting point.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our project-based and team augmentation models ensure that you have the right skills and resources at the right time. This flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate with your teams, adapting our approach to fit your project timelines and business rhythms.

Whether supplementing your in-house capabilities or managing projects end-to-end, we’re committed to delivering value on your terms.

Commitment to Excellence

Continuous training and a focus on innovation keep our team – and yours – at the forefront of data technologies. This dedication to excellence ensures that we’re not just keeping pace with industry trends but actively contributing to their evolution.

Our commitment extends to establishing a competency center and empowering your team through knowledge transfer and skill development to sustain progress long after our engagement concludes. 

Proven Impact

Our methodologies have delivered significant cost efficiencies and business transformations across industries. By leveraging best practices and insights gained from a diverse range of projects, we drive measurable outcomes that reflect in your bottom line and competitive positioning.

With B EYE, you’re choosing a partner whose impact extends beyond immediate project goals to achieve long-term success and growth.

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