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B EYE’s Power BI consulting services are designed to transform complex data into strategic, actionable insights.

Our expertise in Power BI leverages its robust capabilities, integrating seamlessly with your data sources for unmatched data-driven decision-making.

Our Custom Power BI Services

Whether you’re taking your initial steps with Power BI, seeking to enhance your existing analytics capabilities, or aiming for a comprehensive migration to this powerful platform, B EYE’s expertise ensures a seamless, efficient,
and impactful journey.

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  • Power BI Strategy and Roadmap Planning 
    We provide analytics strategy consulting to align Power BI’s capabilities with your business goals. This service includes assessing your current data and analytics landscape and crafting a tailored roadmap for effective Power BI implementation.
  •  Data Visualization and Dashboard Design 
    Our team specializes in creating visually compelling and intuitive Power BI dashboards and reports. We focus on crafting clear, actionable insights from your data, tailored to the specific needs of your stakeholders.
  • Data Integration and Modeling 
    We handle the integration of various data sources into Power BI, ensuring a unified and coherent data model. This service includes schema design, API integration, and data transformation for optimal analysis readiness.
  • Advanced Analytics Setup 
    Leveraging Power BI’s advanced analytics capabilities, we set up and configure your platform to extract deeper insights from your data. This includes employing AI features for predictive analytics and trend analysis.
  • Custom Development 
    Our team develops custom visuals in Power BI to meet your specific business needs. This service enhances your data interpretation and decision-making capabilities with tailor-made solutions.
  • Training and User Adoption 
    We provide comprehensive training and workshops to equip your team with the necessary skills to effectively use Power BI.
    Our focus is on ensuring high user adoption and proficiency across your organization.
  • Governance and Compliance 
    Understanding the importance of data governance, we implement strategies to ensure the security and integrity of your data within Power BI. This includes setting up access controls and meeting compliance requirements.
  • 24/6 Support and Maintenance 
    B EYE offers round-the-clock support services to ensure the smooth functioning of your Power BI environment. Our dedicated team is available for troubleshooting, issue resolution, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted data analysis and reporting.

The Advantages of Choosing Power BI

Wondering if Power BI is the optimal choice for your data analytics needs?  

Recognized consistently as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Power BI stands out as a comprehensive analytics platform for both individual report builders and enterprise business intelligence.  

It enables seamless integration with Azure and other data sources, offering scalability and flexibility essential for diverse business environments.  

With Power BI, you can harness next-generation AI tools for rapid report generation, ensuring your decision-making is powered by accurate, real-time insights.  

Partner with B EYE to get Power BI solutions that fit your unique business requirements, enhancing data visualization and strategic analysis. 

Power BI Success Stories

Heathrow Airport, handling 80 million daily passengers, is revolutionizing travel experience with Microsoft Power BI and Azure. The airport harnesses Azure to extract data from various systems, such as flight schedules and baggage tracking, presenting it through Power BI for real-time insights. This integration enables staff to adapt to changes in passenger traffic, improving management during disruptions like flight delays. 

Power BI’s visual reports and dashboards transform complex data and present it in a user-friendly manner, allowing airport staff to anticipate and manage changes in passenger flow efficiently. For example, when unexpected delays occur, staff in key departments receive advance notifications, preparing them to handle the increase in passenger numbers. This proactive approach significantly enhances airport operations, reducing stress for passengers and employees. 

Stuart Birrell, Chief Information Officer at Heathrow, emphasizes Power BI’s role in anticipating and managing daily operational variability. This digital transformation initiative at Heathrow, leveraging Power BI and Azure, is setting new standards in airport management and passenger experience. 

Nestlé, a global leader in consumer packaged goods, leverages Power BI for its mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy. Facing the need for adaptable business applications for diverse models and geographies, Nestlé chose Dynamics 365 for its flexibility and integration with Power BI. This decision was crucial for their project in Saudi Arabia involving Nespresso distribution rights, requiring swift and compliant operational transition. 

The successful Dynamics 365 implementation in Saudi Arabia led to improved customer experience management and further digital advancements. Nestlé expanded its capabilities with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Power BI analytics. These enhancements resulted in better reporting, training, and customer engagement. 

Nestlé’s journey with Power BI illustrates their commitment to innovation and operational excellence.  

Spanish multi-energy giant Repsol, in partnership with Microsoft and Kabel, launched the “Do It Yourself” program, promoting citizen development among its global workforce. This initiative, utilizing Microsoft’s low-code technology, has been a resounding success, fostering a community of innovative citizen developers and significantly reducing costs. 

Javier Espasa, Head of the DIY Center of Excellence at Repsol, highlights the cultural shift and global collaboration the program has ignited. By empowering over 24,000 employees in more than 30 countries, Repsol is reinventing its digital transformation strategy, placing employees at the heart of innovation. The DIY program leverages Power BI among other Microsoft Power Platform tools to enable employees to create tailored, low-code solutions for various needs. 

Repsol’s program has led to the creation of a large number of reporting applications in various departments, enhancing efficiency and reducing reliance on traditional spreadsheets. These apps range from training support in commercial departments to fuel movement tracking in South America. The success of the program is not just measured in cost savings, estimated at around €5 million, but also in the vibrant community and culture shift it has cultivated. 

Moving forward, Repsol plans to expand this initiative, focusing on hackathons, broader community meetings, and incorporating new technologies like Power Virtual Agents. Their goal is to continue inspiring a workforce geared towards innovation, making Repsol a beacon for future talent.  

Porsche Holding Salzburg, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, revolutionized its business intelligence (BI) processes by adopting Azure Services and Power BI. With a complex corporate structure across various countries and a diverse range of BI tools in different departments, the company faced challenges in consistently accessing business figures. Günter Schulmeister, Cloud Transformation Lead, and Carola Seyr, BI Team Leader for Finance, led the development of a new cloud-based BI solution to standardize their BI landscape while maintaining departmental independence. 

Their successful proof of concept in 2020 connected existing SAP systems to Azure Data Factory Services, visualizing financial data effectively in Power BI. This approach streamlined the BI process, allowing for the entire environment to be defined using infrastructure as a code, which significantly increased operational efficiency and data accessibility across devices. 

The new BI system facilitated better decision-making and flexibility for users through Power BI’s intuitive interface. This transformation has not only optimized their current BI processes but also set a replicable standard for future projects, ensuring scalability and cost efficiency. Porsche Holding’s adoption of Power BI has proven to be a major step in enhancing its BI capabilities, leading to more effective management and operational decision making. 

Dr. Oetker, a leading food manufacturer, revolutionized its IT security and compliance using Power BI. They transitioned from manual, time-consuming data collection across multiple systems to centralized Power BI dashboards for a global overview of their IT landscape. This shift enhanced efficiency, allowing for quicker updates and adherence to security standards. 

Previously, each department used different BI tools, leading to inconsistent security measures. Power BI consolidated these disparate systems, streamlining security and compliance monitoring. This integration enables quick identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, significantly reducing the time needed for compliance checks. 

The new Power BI system also optimizes license management, identifying inactive accounts and reducing costs. Overall, Dr. Oetker’s implementation of Power BI has significantly improved their security and compliance level, while providing flexibility for future system integrations. 

H&M Group, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company, embarked on a transformative journey with Microsoft’s Power Platform to foster innovation across its extensive global operations. With over 5,000 stores in 78 countries, H&M encouraged employees to become citizen developers, creating thousands of Power Platform solutions. To manage this burgeoning digital ecosystem and maintain governance, H&M set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) using the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence Starter Kit.

The CoE’s implementation was crucial in balancing security and governance with creative freedom. It provided a structured yet flexible framework for Power Platform development, leveraging Power BI dashboards for comprehensive oversight and risk management. These dashboards were instrumental in identifying potential security and compliance issues, leading to the establishment of tiered access environments and data loss prevention policies. 

This innovative approach not only ensured robust security but also empowered employees, encouraging further development of practical, business-enhancing applications. H&M Group’s successful integration of Power BI into their CoE exemplifies how technology can harmonize control with creativity, driving significant business improvement and nurturing a culture of digital innovation. 

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B EYE specializes in guiding Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries towards achieving their goals. Our expertise in data analytics transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

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With a focus on both current requirements and future readiness, our expertise is your advantage in navigating the data landscape.

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Whether supplementing your in-house capabilities or managing projects end-to-end, we’re committed to delivering value on your terms.

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Continuous training and a focus on innovation keep our team – and yours – at the forefront of data technologies. This dedication to excellence ensures that we’re not just keeping pace with industry trends but actively contributing to their evolution.

Our commitment extends to establishing a competency center and empowering your team through knowledge transfer and skill development to sustain progress long after our engagement concludes. 

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Our methodologies have delivered significant cost efficiencies and business transformations across industries. By leveraging best practices and insights gained from a diverse range of projects, we drive measurable outcomes that reflect in your bottom line and competitive positioning.

With B EYE, you’re choosing a partner whose impact extends beyond immediate project goals to achieve long-term success and growth.

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