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data analytics dashboard

Healthcare Management
and Patient Journey

B EYE understands the importance of healthcare technology for the present and the future. Healthcare and Patient Journey Analytics helps identify the best treatment options for patients, keep in check the healthcare professionals’ training and qualifications, and so much more.

Clinical Trial Management Analysis

Enhance the clinical trial decision-making process with up-to-date data and minimal manual effort Intuitive and perceptive design Always working with the most up-to-date data 5…

HCP Qualification Assessment

A 360 view of your HCPs’ qualifications, finished trainings, and certification status, including success rates of treatments, and operations performed Get notified about expiring contracts…

Tracking the Full Patient Journey

Track the full patient journey in any partnered medical center, from diagnosis to treatment to outcome Drill down to different procedure levels Track and analyze…

Identifying High-Risk Patients

View and compare your patients’ symptoms and prioritize the most urgent cases with the help of an integrated scoring algorithm Rank patients based on urgency…

Supply Chain

Supply chain analytics faces challenges like lack of scalable data foundation, lack of qualified talent, etc. We can help you gather accurate and comprehensive data, mitigate business disruptions, and provide real-time reports. 

Material Shortage

Optimizing the whole supply chain process with accurate data and forecasting models. Automated up-to-date report of inventory planning Increased the reliability of data A week…

Logistics Analysis

Automated real-time reporting on carriers, deliveries, and SLA delays, with an enhanced OTIF reporting model A unified criteria reporting system introduced to all carriers Introducing…

Production and Supply Chain Risk Diversification

A 360 supply chain overview: improving efficiency and ensuring the optimal product supply throughout the dynamic market landscape Real-time monitoring of market coverage Dynamic overview of…

Warehouse Capacity Projection Analysis

Optimize warehouse storage spacing and increase capacity while cutting additional expenses Optimize warehouse space Forecast capacity increases Save on additional expenses Problem Our client, a…

Product Track and Trace

A 360 overview of parts and products across the whole supply chain with definitive status data 360 overview of product data Instant availability of real-time…

Full Real-Time Inventory Visibility

A real-time overview of the potential inventory and stocking risks that can be used for any warehouse around the world Automate your process and calculations…

Inventory Risk Management

Ensure timely deliveries and reliable inventory projections throughout the global business ecosystem Easy to understand and navigate Examine weeks of coverage 12 hours saved per…

Connected planning honeycomb

Connected Planning

More insight enables more successful decisions. B EYE uses a leading connected planning platform, Anaplan, to help you increase business efficiency and improve the planning process. Our solutions can help you model potential outcomes based on real-time operational metrics and projected strategies while sharing insights with users across your business so you can make data-driven decisions.

Forecasting and Annual Operational Planning

Significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of forecasting efforts, leading to better-informed business decisions. Parallel work on several plans Reconciliation of source data Coherent planning…

Rebates Planning

Compute various types of rebates and enhance the company’s audit processes. Automated calculation process 900 person-hours saved every year Eliminate the possibility of calculation mistakes…

Sales Quota Distribution​

Create and calculate salesforce targets within a few seconds. All sales target data in a single place Automatic units, sales, and target recalculation Save weeks…

Integrated Business Planning 

Optimize strategic planning by connecting sales, operational, and financial processes into a transparent network of data-driven insights Alignment between strategic goals and financial & operational…

Disease Prevalence Planning

Model the spread and effects of a disease and plan the optimal treatment Tracking the spread of a disease Monitoring symptoms and treatments Forecasting product…

Automated Sales Incentives Modelling

Get automated calculation of your Sales team’s incentives based on various parameters while maintaining the desired level of transparency Fully transparent bonus system Systemized and…

Product Management

Product Management requires understanding and answering questions related to customers’ behaviors, sales funnel, marketing activities, and more. Product Management Analytics provides a full overview of your product lines, insights on the performance of your new launches, tracks current demand, and offers suggestions based on what-if scenarios.

Product management case studies by B EYE

360° Product Launch Analysis

Get full visibility on all product launch-related processes and KPIs What-if scenario planning and forecasting functionalities Full visibility of performance in the target market Alerting…

Key Opinion Leaders Analysis

Learn which key opinion leaders carry significant influence within their communities, and get suggestions on business growth opportunities Automated KOL research and analysis Tracking of…

Market Research Analysis

Enhance your market and competitor research with trend insights and risk-opportunity analysis Enhanced brand monitoring Visibility of current market trends Comprehensive competitor monitoring system Problem…

Financial Analytics

Financial Planning
and Analytics

Finance leaders are turning to data and analytics innovations to provide executives with better information to drive digital strategies. We can help you embrace a business-centric approach to finance analytics, enable growth, and significantly improve decision-making speed. 

Automated Financial Reporting

Automate the consolidation of several different internal data sources while saving time and manpower Automated distribution of daily reports Personalized reports based on user section…

CAPEX Dashboard

An easy and consistent way to track planned capital expenses and their deprecation Real-time overview of the CAPEX and PO costs Observe historical expenditure snapshots…

360 Payment Management System

Real-time monitoring of due payments and cash collection management system View and manage your AR easily Reduce human error in entries Get the needed reports…

Sales Analytics and Commercial Excellence

Sales and Commercial Analytics is based on accurate and timely reporting. Taking
your Sales Performance to the next level requires a clear overview of the business
objectives and KPIs. We can help you improve your processes, discover new
opportunities, and perform agile scenario planning.

Bids and Tenders

Track and manage all your contracts from bids and tenders within a single dashboard with the added benefit of competitor intelligence. All contract data in…

Real-time Global Sales Reporting

Get automated real-time sales performance reports and enhance your internal data analyses with custom reporting features Tracking and analysis of global sales metrics Automated scheduled…

Data-Driven Bonus System

Track the sales teams’ performance in real-time and define the bonus amounts based on real-time data Boosted performance and team morale A single source of…

Sales analytics and commercial excellence
Internal process optimization - B EYE

Internal Process Optimization

Internal processes are the backbone of your business’s success. Efficient internal processes yield real business improvement and strengthen the alignment of individual processes with overall strategy and goals. B EYE can optimize your internal processes and drastically save your team’s time on manual work. You can focus on the strategic goals and activities and gain a competitive advantage while we automate your tasks and send any anomalies straight to your inbox.

Redefining Marketing Visibility for a Tech Innovator

Our marketing dashboard blends user-friendly design with in-depth analytics, offering a clear picture of your campaigns. Adjust your strategies on the fly and see tangible…

ML Compliance Risk Monitoring

Proactively identify compliance issues and risks based on your corporate policies using machine learning Advanced identification of risky behavior Daily compliance reports Timely reaction to…

Employee Certification for Production Excellence

Ensure efficient production process through a timely employee certification process   Overview of employee certifications per product Recertification notifications for each employee Optimized assembly process…

Post-COVID Office Reintegration

Empower teams to comfortably spend time together in the office Improved internal processes visibility Monitoring of the office attendance Increased employee engagement Problem With the…


With the increasing technological advancements in the manufacturing industry, data analytics
in manufacturing can improve product design and quality, uncover hidden insights, enhance 
processes, and boost the supply chain efficiency. We can help you observe trends in production
and labor time, correct maintenance and quality issues minimize safety and business
risks throughout operations, and much more.

Clear-to-Build Material Shortage Solution

Our Clear-to-Build solution maximizes production in times of material scarcity, minimizes costs, and makes data-informed decisions for your manufacturing processes. Adaptable and flexible tool ML-enhanced…

Tracking and Recalling Faulty Units

Ensure timely recalling of faulty units before they reach the customer Streamlined data-gathering process Saved time and effort on making reports Unified Excel data formatting…

Production Process Management

Track your production flow, analyze capacity, and achieve a significant improvement of your company processes. Increased productivity Improved production processes Quality defects decrease 2 days…


Robotic Process Automation

A “robot” only costs a fraction of a full-time employee, while eliminating the risk
of human error and ensuring timely and compliant process execution.
With Robotic Process Automation, you can automate repetitive business processes, boost
productivity, improve data security, while increasing efficiency. B EYE can help you boost your business
scalability, optimize the use of resources, improve analytics capabilities, and much more.


Organizing event travel records

Eliminate the repetitive workload for your team and keep the automated processes running in the background Faster and more accurate results 3 days saved per…

Automated filling of external reports

Fill out complex forms with a click of a button Dynamic selection of required data Automatic filling of complex forms Reduced chance of human error…

Robotic Process Automation for HR

Eliminate the manual work and human error in your recruitment process with the help of RPA Fully automate your repetitive tasks Schedule the RPA bot…

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