Qlik AutoML™: Your No-Code Solution to Harnessing Machine Learning

Qlik AutoML™: Your No-Code Solution to Harnessing Machine Learning

By Marta Teneva

December 14, 2023

Machine learning is a game changer in the evolving world of data analytics. It transforms processes, drives efficiency, and delivers actionable insights to propel your business forward.  

  • 51% of organizations consider themselves early birds in adopting machine learning technologies (McKinsey).  
  • 48% of companies are leveraging tools like machine learning, deep learning, data analysis, and natural language processing to make meaningful sense of vast data sets.  
  • 80% of surveyed companies report that ML and AI have increased their revenue. 

Nevertheless, the complexity of machine learning has been a barrier for many.   

Not anymore.   

Enter Qlik AutoML™ – a no-code, automated machine learning platform designed explicitly for analytics teams. 

Empower Your Analytics Teams with Qlik AutoML™  

Qlik AutoML™ brings the power of machine learning to your fingertips with a simple, code-free user experience. It allows you to create ML experiments, identify critical drivers in your data, train models, and make future predictions with full explainability data. Whether you’re looking to publish the data or directly integrate models into Qlik Sense® dashboards for fully interactive analysis, Qlik AutoML™ has got you covered.  

Auto-Generate Machine Learning Models with Ease  

Qlik AutoML™ identifies key drivers in your historical data and auto-generates machine-learning models using the best algorithms. All you have to do is select a target field in your data set and let Qlik AutoML™ do the rest. It scores and ranks multiple ML models and lets you choose the best-performing one for your data set. It even determines feature importance to communicate key business drivers, enabling users to tune and refine their model quickly.  

Make Precise Predictions for Better Outcomes  

Once your model is established, Qlik AutoML™ allows you to make predictions on current data sets. Just load the data to generate likely outcomes based on your model automatically. It also provides critical prediction-influencer data at the record level, so you know exactly how to influence the predicted outcomes.  

Explore Predictive Data and Test What-If Scenarios  

Qlik AutoML™ enables you to explore predictive data and test “what-if” scenarios in Qlik Sense. With advanced analytics integration, you get real-time, instant calculations. These allow you to quickly shift parameters in what-if scenarios to test possible actions and easily evaluate the results. You can thus plan for decisions and actions by exploring predictive data and testing different scenarios, giving you a feel for what steps lead to the best outcome before making a decision.  

Ready to See Qlik AutoML in Action?  

If tapping into the transformative power of machine learning without the coding headache sounds exciting, you’re in the right place. Qlik AutoML™ is ready to be your co-pilot on the journey to data-driven decisions, clearer insights, and unparalleled efficiency. It’s not just about the numbers – it’s about arming your team with the power to envision possibilities and confidently explore the future.  

Seeing is believing, and we invite you to experience the capabilities of Qlik AutoML™ firsthand.   

Discover how it can revolutionize your approach to data, automate your analytics, and empower your teams.   

No matter where you stand on your data journey, Qlik AutoML™ is the tool to accelerate your progress and drive your business forward. So, are you ready to unlock the potential of your data and turn insights into action? Click the button below to request a free demo. Let’s embrace the future of analytics together.  

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