We have helped many companies run their processes more efficiently and achieve better business performance. Below is a selection of our projects we have successfully completed for sales & marketing, supply chain, and product teams across the world.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Warehouse Inventory Coverage

warehouse inventory coverage

A real-time overview of the potential inventory and stocking risks allows global regional teams to produce reliable projections of the inventory and ensure timely deliveries.

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Product Track and Trace Dashboard

product track and trace dashboard

The Track and Trace app allows users to trace parts and products across the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and sales value chain, and obtain accurate status information.

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Contract Manufacturing Analysis

untitled 1 1

Being able to quickly identify the misalignments helps prevent unexpected strain and reduce the risk of delayed deliveries.

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Key Opinion Leaders Analysis

key opinion leaders analysis 1

Enables strategic marketers in the Life Sciences industry to analyze what the key opinion leaders, who carry significant influence within their communities, are working on or writing about and use it for strategical growth opportunities.
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Product Launch Pipeline Analysis

product launch pipeline analysis

A multifunctional application, which allows global Life Sciences companies’ marketing teams to have full visibility on the deployment of new product launches.

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Surgical Patient Journey Dashboard 

surgical patient journey dashboard

Gives a complete overview of patients’ data and physicians’ utilizations, powered with an integrated scoring algorithm that compares patients’ symptoms and rates surgical cases.

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Patient Treatment Outcomes Dashboard

patient treatment outcomes dashboard

Tracking the full patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and outcome.

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Healthcare Professional’s Training Analysis

healthcare professionals training analysis

The tool is designed to give a 360 view of HCP’s qualifications, finished training, and certification status, including success rates of treatments and operations, performed.

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Bonus Scheme Dashboard

bonus scheme dashboard

Track the sales teams’ performance in real-time and define the bonus amounts based on data insights 

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Automated Sales Incentives Modelling

automated sales incentives modelling

A sales incentive model in Anaplan allows automated calculation of the sales team’s incentives based on multiple parameters and rules while maintaining the desired level of transparency.

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Cash Collection Application

cash collection application

Real-time monitoring of due payments and cash collection management system

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Compliance Advanced Analytics

compliance advanced analytics

The tool proactively identifies compliance issues or risks based on the corporate policies and assists in taking corrective actions.

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