Call it the Third Industrial Revolution or call it Industry 4.0, Business Intelligence software generates added value not only for companies that work with Big Data, but for all companies working with Data, regardless of their industry. Analytics offer unprecedented opportunities for data visualization, discovery of correlations, better decision-making and optimizations.

Each industry has unique processes and challenges, which makes it difficult for Business Intelligence (BI) vendors to deliver best-in-class user experience and analytics quality for all sectors. It is rather seen as a mutual process by both parties to define what the clients’ needs really are and create custom solutions to address them. At B EYE we are not only software developers. We are business consultants who anticipate our clients’ current and future problems sharing our experience and knowledge on how to address them.

B EYE has clients in most industries with our core competence in Life sciences and Financial services sectors.
We have developed numerous applications using the Qlik platform, which we believe gives the best in class data agility and overall analytics user experience and performance due to the following reasons:
Business users are the driving force
  • Every question leads to follow-up questions.
  • The more the users, the more are the questions.
  • First-Class User experience drives adoption and creates unmatched business value.
  • Fewer apps serving more users means economies of scale.
  • Visual information is perceived more easily.
  • People think in an Associative way. Associative analytics make a tremendous difference.
  • Interactive analytics empower users to conduct their own data research and discover new patterns and insights.
Business users move fast
  • Change is what drives growth. Embracing change makes the difference between leaders and those who follow.
  • Every day comes with change and change brings more questions.
  • Self-service enables individuals to generate custom reports on demand.
  • Any device and any screen size. In the 21st century, people move a lot and move fast. Delivering data the way people can consume it on the right device is key.
  • Collaboration is at the center of complex analysis and decision-making processes. Giving people the ability to collaborate is not about empowering them with some new or fancy ability – it is about allowing them to do what they need to do.
IT control over data
  • Deliver relevant data
  • Ensure security and scalability
  • Enforce standards
Our developers are agile
  • Rapid development cycles
  • Quick turnaround
  • Leverage global standards and best practices
What makes Qlik unique is that it is all about asking and answering the next question. At its core it uses a patented technology engine, which provides an associative experience and enhances employee collaboration and mobility.