Production Process Management

Track your production flow, analyze capacity, and achieve a significant improvement of your company processes.

Increased productivity

Improved production processes

Quality defects decrease

2 days saved per week


The manufacturing processes of medical device companies differ from most other industries as, in most cases, their products have a lifesaving mission. Our client wanted to find the perfect balance between increasing the productivity of their teams and maintaining the high standards of production. The main challenge was collecting and analyzing data on the whole manufacturing process that involves a lot of manual work.


To get to the bottom of the efficiency challenge, we went through every step of the client’s manufacturing process to identify the best way to break down that process into smaller, easier-to-manage steps that replicate the initial process. This gave our client more visibility, enabled them to monitor the product quality, and increased productivity. Each step is tracked closely so that management can quickly and easily compare targets to actuals. All data is automatically extracted from the ERP system and is visualized in the dashboard. The main part of the dashboard is the overview of the steps of the process that compares targets to actuals. The dashboard also contains a Yield sheet that shows target-to-actuals percentages by week, model, and department.


Our solution saves the client 2 man-days every week from the previously manual process of collecting, transforming, and reporting data. The tool analyzes the processes’ flows and quality and notifies the user when needed so that they can take actions towards optimizing both. Management can now pinpoint where a specific production bottleneck is and work on fixing the problem. Our client reported that our solution helped not only the factory managers but also the corporate management to monitor and work on improving the performance of the whole manufacturing process.