Product Track and Trace

A 360 overview of parts and products across the whole supply chain with definitive status data

360 overview of product data

Instant availability of real-time reports

Detailed and automated product and parts traceability


It’s crucial for every manufacturer to manage their supply chain effectively and obtain accurate status information. Our client understood this, but they were stuck for a long time with a tool that was both slow and lacked necessary features. Additionally, it required some coding knowledge to operate, so a very limited number of people could use it. Our client wanted something more in-depth, they needed a way to enter a product number and get a list of all the parts it was composed of or the end products it was included in. The business needed a more detailed solution that would present all the available data when faced with a query, like who supplied a specific product, when they supplied it, and how much of it was available in inventory.



Our Track and Trace app was able to fulfill all of our client’s requests and more. It allowed them to track down parts and products across every stage of their journey, from the assembly to the end-user. We also incorporated efficient reports that supported all kinds of quality investigations and could drive all their corrective actions. Additionally, they were available on-demand, so anyone could get the answers they needed within a few minutes after requesting a report. Our solution standardized the tracking process across all of our client’s products with a fast and automated process traceability feature. This resulted in a connection of millions of data points in one easy-to-use dashboard.


With the help of our solution, our client was able to get a more detailed look into their product data. They were able to search for multiple products at a time and generate long and informative reports, instead of going through the faulty units one by one. It used to take them a whole day to create the necessary reports based on the QA’s findings, but now it takes them less than 30 minutes. Additionally, any user can generate the required reports at any time thanks to both the user-friendly interface and the on-demand reporting features.