Material Shortage

Optimizing the whole supply chain process with accurate data and forecasting models.

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Automated up-to-date report of inventory planning

A week and a half saved per month


Our client is a global medical device company, and as such, they manage a complex supply chain with multiple manufacturers and vendors and the timeliness of their deliveries is crucial. They were facing difficulties with maintaining up-to-date information on the production. They had to individually call each supplier to request information that they had no way of validating. This manual and tiresome process of collecting information created a bottleneck that caused difficulties in inventory visibility and forecasting. So our client asked us to create a solution that will improve their supply chain visibility and data reliability.


First, we tackled the problem of data reliability. We integrated the ERP systems of all the suppliers and manufacturers so that data was updated daily directly from the vendors’ systems.

Because data was coming directly to the dashboard supply chain specialists didn’t have to lose precious business time on calls and discussions about inventory.

Secondly, to improve the visibility over the whole supply chain we visualized the data so that our client can quickly see what components go into every final product and track the interchangeability of raw materials.

Additionally, this added layer of visibility allowed supply chain specialists to react in a timely manner to inventory shortages and mitigate production risks.


The solution that we developed now saves them a whole week and a half every month. In the past, every change to the report cost them one more week of recalculations. Now any change is automatically updated and data as a whole is updated on a daily basis. We also eliminated the need for calling and increased the reliability of data as it came directly from vendors’ internal systems.