Automated filling of external reports

Fill out complex forms with a click of a button

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Dynamic selection of required data

Reduced chance of human error


Filling out government forms is often a long and time-consuming activity. Our client even had all the data at hand, which made it just an exercise in copy-pasting. The client also noticed that these repetitive tasks created more errors in the system, which eventually resulted in even more work for the team. When it comes to such mind-numbing work, there’s always a solution that’s worth investing in – robotic process automation (RPA). Our client knew that, so they approached us for an answer to their challenge.



We developed an automated solution for extracting and packaging the specific data within a reporting form required by government agencies. The solution used a dashboard and bot to achieve this. The automated process needed to be initiated by a user with a simple click of a button in the dashboard. The selected data set was then extracted and sent to the RPA bot, which filled in the data within the reporting form, which was a more advanced and feature-rich PDF file. After the file was ready, the bot sent it back to the user through an e-mail to download or outright send it to the respective government agency.​


Using this automated solution, our client was finally able to quickly fill out those complex multi-page forms required by the government agencies. Allowing them to dynamically select all the required data was what greatly sped up the process and made quite a difference. Additionally, since every user had unique tasks and work styles, the bot was able to accommodate them by filling the forms depending on the user’s security level and their role within the company.