B EYE is solely focused on delivering state of the art Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning solutions. We partner with the world’s leading platforms in these areas – Qlik and Anaplan, in order to empower business users by transforming their corporate data into meaningful insights.

Aiming to empower our clients to evolve their businesses, we work closely with them to build customized solutions, helping them achieve efficiency and reach the best outcomes. Since the beginning of our journey in 2012, we are helping Fortune 500 companies discover new opportunities and implement data-driven strategies. Our goal is to bring transformation to our clients so that they can deliver their products and services more efficiently and improve their operational performance.

With the intention of leading the next digital revolution, we have gathered a talented and dedicated team of professionals. By joining the best people together with cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Planning technologies, we let our clients harness the true power of their business, create a competitive edge and expand their market share.

Mission and Vision

Mission: We are here to drive the next data revolution!

B EYE’s mission is to transform the data deluge that modern businesses face into meaningful insights. We bring Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning beyond technology to enable companies to revolutionize the way they operate. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, consistently exceed their expectations and help them reach new horizons by providing them with the latest Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning technologies.

Vision: Lead the technological progress!

B EYE’s vision is that technological progress helps make the world a better place for all of us. We believe that innovation, curiosity and passion for creating are what make us human. We also understand that society, just like technology, is an ever-evolving organism and to be at its forefront requires foresight. Thus, we drive cutting-edge technologies that shape the future.

Our Story

When our journey began in 2012, our founder Dimitar Dekov was the single employee of the company. Yet, he had a clear vision to establish a company that leads the technological progress and using his expertise with the QlikView software, he attracted the first clients of the company, who then started engaging B EYE in more and more projects.

As the number of projects grew, we hired two more consultants and an office manager. One room in a co-working space was more than enough – our computers were all we needed. When we grew to a team of 6, we had to move to a larger office and the only one available on short notice was at the basement of the same co-working office building. Our expertise expanded further as the trust of our clients grew and we first added NPrinting, then Anaplan to our portfolio.

Today, our headquarter is located in the heart of Sofia and our team consists of over 60 talented professionals, who dream big and strive for excellence. Our rapid growth and success in different projects, has distinguished us as “Tech Growth Business of the Year” in 2018 and Tech Company of the Year” in 2019.

Our Values

With the goal to provide the best possible service to our clients, we have 8 main principles that guide us. They are a vital part of our corporate culture, which defines the ways we interact with our clients, partners, and colleagues.

Leadership - B EYE


Dimitar Dekov: “Helping organizations enhance their decision-making processes at every level has brought a positive change, and I clearly enjoy every step we take in this journey. It is my self-fulfilling way of making a difference.”


Corporate Social Responsibility

At B EYE, we understand that no business exists out of the society and our environment is shared. To address that, we have specifically developed several lines of activities to give back to society and contribute to the sustainable development of our environment.