About B EYE

Why B EYE?

B EYE is focused on efficiently delivering Data Analytics, Connected Planning, Automation, and AI solutions at scale. We use the world’s leading platforms to empower great organizations.

Since the beginning of our journey in 2012, we at B EYE have been helping great international companies implement data-driven strategies and data-centric culture. Our goal is to democratize Data Analytics, Connected Planning, Automation and AI for every user. Our goal is to make these faster, cheaper, easier, and make it large-scale.

Value Proposition

We are Platform Experts

  • We work with only a few platforms but we are experts with them.
  • Our people are constantly exposed to the most challenging projects.
  • We provide expertise, we provide scale.

We Preach and Practice Agile

  • We are quick and cost-efficient.
  • We deliver within weeks, not months or years.
  • We are flexible to adapt to changing business needs.

We specialize in Enterprise Projects

  • The biggest and most challenging environments are our passion.
  • We offer a complete service. Any or all parts of the project can be our job.
  • We can be an invisible extension to your company.
  • We adopt your best practices in team, quality, and security management.
  • We establish a long-term partnership to bring efficiency.

Mission and Vision

Democratize Analytics and Connected Planning

B EYE’s mission is to democratize Analytics, Connected Planning, Automation, and AI for every organization, for everyone. We are here to make it faster, cheaper, and easier. We are here to make it a large scale.

Every company should be a data company

While most companies are still far from being data companies, we at B EYE believe there is no other way forward than for every company to become a data company. Today, there is a race to use more data, more analytics, more connected planning, and more automation and more AI. The outcome of this race will determine the winners and laggards in every industry, in every part of our lives.

Our Story

B EYE was founded by Dimitar Dekov and he was the only employee for some time. His passion for Analytics and his QlikView expertise brought him a small bunch of happy users.


B EYE got its employees #2 and #3. We started doing more complex projects. We got our first small office.


We started working with Anaplan. We had a couple of new clients. We moved into a better office in a central location.


Our team of more than 60 talented professionals has been recognized by Financial Times and we are part of FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020.


Our Values

About B EYE leading standards

Transforming The Future

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Transforming The Future

We are here to transform the future through the democratization of Analytics, Connected Planning, Automation, and AI as we believe that the future should belong to the great, not the few who started adopting technology early.

About B EYE icon talents

Top Talents

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Top Talents

We attract the top talents and involve them in the most challenging projects. We deeply value their enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism and we are determined to grow together. We bring the right people on the bus, our clients decide where to drive this bus.

About B EYE icon commitment

Client Commitment

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Client Commitment

We work only with great companies. Each of our clients receives our team’s utter dedication and loyalty. We study your business closely and always deliver superb services and products which we would gladly use ourselves.

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Consistently better than you expect

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Consistently better than you expect

We constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and empower them to harness the true power of their business and create a competitive edge.

About B EYE icon standards

Leading Standards

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Leading Standards

We strive to achieve the highest standards in business and information technologies. We follow global leading standards and best practices for everything that concerns our clients, the technologies we use, our processes and our people.

About B EYE icon responsive

Agile, Quick and Responsive

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Agile, Quick and Responsive

We always get on the job quickly no matter how small the request is or what time it is. We have built a team of professionals who are agile, creative and striving to perceive new challenges and ideas while putting our clients’ interests first.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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