Learn how sales reps lie to compliance and how to prevent them from doing so

Why is compliance important? In short, it helps corporate businesses keep their money and avoid lawsuits.  You need your salespeople to work in a legal, ethical and monitored way, which eliminates the risk of the above-mentioned lawsuits and other inconveniences.

When you hear about corporate compliance it is most often related to sales and then maybe marketing, though not as much. Sales reps are the ones interacting with clients. Depending on what they do and how they do it, you can get anything from a happy client to corporate lawsuits. 

The easiest rule? Don’t let sales lie to compliance. Is it doable? Depends. We will go through the unconventional strategies that salespeople use to lie to compliance as well as the creative ways to uncover the lies and ensure commercial compliance.

You will learn:

  •   How your salespeople interact with doctors and physicians under the radar.
  • How your sales reps lie to compliance including client bribing, splitting the bill, money laundering, and more
  • How to make your people compliant including monitoring high spenders, cross-checking medical professionals, conducting what-if analysis, profiling high-risk employees, and more. 

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