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Recently, BI platforms started putting more emphasis on the self-service aspect for end-users, as well as automating repetitive processes. Increasingly, the focus of augmentation is shifting from the analyst to the consumer or decision-maker. Platforms adopted low-code and no-code automation workflow and applications to once again emphasize the needs of the end-user. 

ABI platform functionality includes the following 12 critical capabilities, which have been updated to reflect areas of change and differentiation by vendors, particularly in capabilities more closely associated with augmented analytics: 

  • Security: platform security, administering of users, auditing of platform access, and authentication. 
  • Governance: usage and management of information  
  • Cloud-enabled analytics: the ability to build, deploy and manage analytics and analytic applications in the cloud. 
  • Data source connectivity: connectivity and digestibility of data contained in various types of storage platforms. 
  • Data preparation: a user-driven combination of data from different sources, and the creation of analytic models. 
  • Catalog: the ability to display content to make it easy to find and consume.  
  • Automated insights: ability to apply machine learning (ML) techniques to automatically generate insights for end-users. 
  • Data visualization: interactive dashboards and the exploration of data through the manipulation of chart images. 
  • Natural language query: data query using terms that are either typed into a search box or spoken. 
  • Data storytelling: combining headlines, narrative text, data visualizations, and audiovisual content based on the ongoing monitoring of findings. 
  • Natural language generation: dynamic changes in the narrative to explain key findings or the meaning of charts or dashboards. 
  • Reporting: pixel-perfect, parameterized, and paginated reports. 

Our Partner company, Qlik, is one of the leaders in this year’s Gartner study. According to Gartner, “Qlik has a strong product vision around augmented analytics and closed-loop decision making.” Qlik is also expanding its portfolio in the D&A space along with continuously improving customer engagement and data literacy programs.  

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