Demand Planning in the Age of AI: A Comprehensive Guide 

In today’s dynamic business landscape, demand planning is not just a process—it’s a strategic asset. With AI revolutionizing how companies predict and meet market demand, this guide is an essential tool for every supply chain professional. 

  • McKinsey & Co reports that AI-driven demand sensing can reduce inventory errors by up to 50% in supply chain management. 
  • AI models can consistently hit an accuracy range of 95 to 98%. As businesses navigate post-pandemic uncertainties, AI and advanced methodologies in demand planning are no longer optional but critical.
  • Integrating AI into demand planning empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What you’ll gain from this guide: 

  • A clear understanding of demand planning and its significance in today’s market. 
  • Insights into the evolution from traditional methods to AI-driven demand planning. 
  • The distinct advantages of using advanced tools like Anaplan for precise forecasting. 
  • Practical strategies and best practices for implementing effective demand planning. 
  • A summary of Generative AI’s role and its transformative impact on demand planning. 
  • FAQs answered by experts, offering a comprehensive view of the demand planning landscape. 


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