Simplify and Automate

Corporate Incentives

with Anaplan 

Explore how Anaplan can transform your approach to managing corporate incentives and bonuses.

Managing incentives effectively is critical for motivating your team and driving business growth, but it’s often bogged down by complex structures and manual processes. 

This virtual session, led by Milan Pinalov and Alexander Denchev, will explore the specific challenges businesses face in incentive management and how Anaplan’s solutions offer a robust pathway to overcoming these obstacles.  

Discover how to streamline bonus structures, automate calculations, and enhance transparency and scalability within your organization. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Gain insights into addressing data discrepancies, simplifying bonus structures, and automating incentive management processes. 
  • Learn about Anaplan’s capabilities for improving real-time tracking, transparency, and scalability in incentive management through our model demo. 
  • Walk away with actionable steps for implementing Anaplan in your business to achieve effective incentive management. 

Who is this webinar for? 

Perfect for CFOs, sales directors, IT managers, and HR professionals within medium to large enterprises facing operational challenges in managing incentives. If you’re seeking innovative solutions for enhancing operational efficiency, transparency, and compliance in incentive management, this webinar is for you. 

Watch now and find expert answers to your most challenging questions.h

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Meet the Hosts 

Milan Pinalov, Finance & Management Performance Expert at B EYE

Milan is an expert Anaplan consultant with over four years of specialized experience in sales performance management. By leveraging his deep understanding of Anaplan’s platform, Milan helps clients streamline their sales forecasting, optimize incentive compensation, and manage territories more effectively. His tailored Anaplan solutions are designed to not only align with but also accelerate the achievement of strategic business objectives, enhancing sales efficiency and overall financial outcomes. 

Alexander Denchev, Manager, Solution Architect at B EYE

Alexander brings more than eight years of experience in financial planning and analysis and integrated business planning within the Anaplan ecosystem. His expertise centers on utilizing Anaplan to foster data integration, enhance cross-platform collaboration, and drive actionable insights that propel organizational success. With a focus on optimizing decision-making and process efficiency, Alexander aids clients in navigating complex challenges with finesse, ensuring their business strategies are robust and future-proof.