Build a Robust AI Data Strategy:

Readiness Assessment and Implementation Framework

May 30th, 11 – 12 AM EDT/ 5 – 6 PM CEST

Looking to leverage AI technologies in your business?

It's time to assess your AI readiness and start planning.

According to a new Gartner survey, Senior Managers are wasting no time in AI adoption,
49% stating AI is within their scope of primary responsibilities. 

In this webinar, we’ll share with you the best practices to developing a robust AI Data Strategy: where to start, what to consider, how to assess organizational capabilities and draw a framework for implementing AI within your business for tangible results. 

You’ll walk away equipped with: 

  • Practical steps for navigating the common AI strategy challenges 
  • Strategies for aligning AI and business goals  
  • Fundamentals for successful AI implementation  
  • Walkthrough of AI readiness assessment 
  • + a BONUS: AI Readiness Assessment cheat sheet 

Who is the webinar for? 

If you are involved in AI adoption strategy development or plan to leverage AI for transforming business processes and operations in your role as: 

  • Data Science and Commercial Analytics Managers

  • Data Engineers and System Architects

  • Business/Operations Leaders

then you will benefit from the expert insights in this webinar. 

  What we’ll cover: 

  • Key AI Strategy Components: The critical aspects for developing an AI strategy, focusing on the quality, accessibility, and integrity of data to meet the specific demands of AI technologies. 
  • Fundamentals of AI Data Strategy: The core elements of an AI Data Strategy, emphasizing the alignment with organizational AI goals and strategies to address common challenges such as defining value or aligning technical solutions with business demands. 
  • AI Readiness Assessment: A structured AI readiness assessment to evaluate your organization’s readiness for AI, covering a range of topics to better understand and improve your organization’s approach to AI. 

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Patrick J. Wolf, Strategic Advisor, AI, Data & Tech 

Patrick is a leader in AI and emerging technologies in SaaS businesses    with a primary focus on business transformation through the strategic application of AI, machine learning, and the latest technological advancements. 

Dimitar Dekov, Founder and CEO of B EYE 

Dimitar leverages his extensive experience in data analytics and strategic vision to lead a company that transforms business efficiency and innovation across sectors, and advocates for extending AI’s applications beyond the corporate world.