Automated Sales Incentives Modelling

A sales incentive model in Anaplan allows automated calculation of the sales team’s incentives based on multiple parameters and rules, while maintaining the desired level of transparency.

Do you want to save time setting sales targets and determine sales bonuses quickly and accurately? In fact, we’ll do you one better: how does having your sales team’s bonuses calculated automatically sound?

Our planning solution modeled in the Anaplan platform can compute various types of incentives based on hierarchy or region. The model is a huge time saver since it can also eliminate the need to go back and forth for financial bonus approvals between departments. It can even help minimize compensation dissatisfaction and other types of disputes. Additionally, your company can manage the transparency of these processes through custom access rights.

The solution enables you to model different scenarios by changing variables and thresholds to answer strategic questions like “Are we going to perform better if we increase the bonus percentage for sales by 4%?”

Set up your sales team for success in a timely and organized manner with the help of our tailored solution. Click the button below and fill in the form, and we can get started with creating the model that’s the best fit for your company:

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