Robotic Process Automation for HR

Eliminate the manual work and human error in the recruitment process

Is your HR team overburdened with repetitive manual work like transferring job applicant information from one system to another or filling it in a bunch of fields? Do you think their time can be better utilized?

At B EYE we offer you salvation in the form of robotic process automation (RPA) that will deal with all this manual work for you. Your HR team is potentially spending hundreds of man-hours each month on manual labor tasks that don’t add much value to their overall work. However, we realize that these steps are necessary, so let a bot extract the relevant information from the CVs and fill it in your respective HRM system or tracking platform. With our RPA solution, we also reduced the chance for human error, make it easy to spot duplicates, and most importantly, let your recruitment team focus on the key stages of the recruitment process.

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