Qlik Database Importer

Simplify and supercharge your data workflow with Qlik Database Importer. Seamlessly integrate Qlik data into any system, removing restrictions and empowering your analytics.

What Is Qlik Database Importer (QDI)?

The ability to seamlessly integrate and democratize your data across various platforms is crucial for operational efficiency and informed decision-making. The Qlik Database Importer (QDI) is a leading solution, offering a data democratization approach tailored to organizations deeply engaged with QlikView or Qlik Sense as well as organizations reliant on a large volume of data stored in spreadsheets. It allows the IT department to monitor, schedule, prioritize and scale up or down the data pipeline between your Qlik environment and a wide array of database solutions including Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and more.

Streamline Your Data Ecosystem

  • Eliminate ETL Migration

    Preserve your Qlik ETLs, avoiding costly migration projects.

  • Optimized Data Management

    Leverage multithreading and scheduling for faster, more efficient data integration.

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility

    Make your data usable across all systems and platforms.

The Qlik Database Importer Advantage

Qlik DB Importer Key Features

Highly Optimized Writing Process

Ensures quick and accurate data transfer.

Data Scheduling and Prioritization

Manages the import order for priority data.

Multithreading Technology

Accelerates the data import process for increased efficiency.

Qlik DB Importer FAQs

Unlike traditional methods, Qlik Database Importer allows for direct QVD integration into various databases, streamlining the process and removing the need for costly ETL migration.

You can prioritize and schedule data elements for import, ensuring critical data is processed first and available when needed.

Yes, its multithreaded writing process is designed for high-volume data integration, optimizing speed and efficiency.

While beneficial, extensive technical knowledge isn’t necessary. The tool’s intuitive design simplifies data integration.

It allows organizations to maintain their existing Qlik ETLs, streamline data management, and enhance data accessibility across systems.

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Democratize Your Data with Qlik Database Importer

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