Product Track and Trace

The Track and Trace app allows users to trace parts and products across the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and sales value chain, and obtain accurate status information. The app follows the trail of anything in the supply chain and helps with quick and efficient product returns, ensures the products remain safe and environmentally stable, and prevent expired or compromised medications from entering the supply chain.

It’s crucial for every manufacturer to manage their supply chain effectively and obtain accurate status information. Is this something you struggle with? Or maybe you’re having difficulties tracking parts or products across the manufacturing line, distribution, or sales value chain?

We at B EYE may have the perfect solution for you. Our Track and Trace app allows users to track down parts and products across every stage of their journey from the assembly to the end-user. Our highly efficient Track and Trace reporting supports quality investigations and can drive all your corrective actions. Finally, our solution standardizes your tracking process across all business units with a fast, automated process traceability feature, connecting millions of data points in one dashboard.

So, don’t delay! Improve your supply chain visibility and enhance your manufacturing process with continuous up-to-date data – all within our Track and Trace solution. Click the button below, and we’ll quickly get started with boosting your business ahead of your competition.

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