Key Opinion Leaders Analysis

Enables strategic marketers in the Life Sciences industry to analyze what the key opinion leaders, who carry significant influence within their communities, are working on or writing about and use it for strategical growth opportunities.

In the Life Sciences industry, generating awareness about a new drug or device and creating demand is crucial for success. Key opinion leaders impact purchasing decisions within their own hospitals or networks and help to inform clinical trial design, product improvements, and go-to-market messaging.

Do you have access to public registers, social media data, and market research information? Do you want to know who the most influential physicians are and what research they do, which conferences they present at, and which clinical trials they participate in?

Well, our experts can help you design a custom visual analytics tool that automatically gathers data from multiple public or internal data sources. With the help of advanced algorithms, it will enable you to have a 360 view of the activity of the Key Opinion Leaders in your industry and their work.

Take advantage of this opportunity and begin expanding your product penetration, presence, and market share through key-opinion leaders’ analysis. Just click the button below and fill in the form to get started on your analytical journey:

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