HCP Qualification Assessment

The tool is designed to give a 360 view of HCP’s qualifications, finished trainings and certification status, including success rates of treatments and operations performed.

Do you want to improve patient treatment results, ensure the better choice of medications, products, and devices, and lower readmission rates by improving HCP’s qualifications? Do you find it challenging to manage every detail about a particular HCP’s training, performance, and success rates?

B EYE can offer you a holistic data analytics solution that tracks the certification progress of HCPs and provides information about operation and treatment outcomes, reasons for the said outcomes, products used, operation and treatment location, the approach that was taken, and much more. You can now follow all medical procedures and help dramatically reduce the negative outcomes of cases. Furthermore, our application is also able to detect compliance breaches and delays in the professional education of HCPs, so that you can make sure the HCPs stay on top of their professional standards.

Staying up-to-date with all the minor changes in your HCP’s work and training can be a hassle. Click the button below and fill in the form to get started with your journey towards a more streamlined analytics solution:

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