Real-time Global Sales Reporting

Automated real-time sales performance reports in your CRM

Do you find it challenging to collect and analyze all your sales reps’ performance data on time? How about for a product’s performance, or a competitor’s? Does your sales team have a way to check various KPIs at the start of the business day?

Our Global Sales solution can be integrated within your CRM and provides an all-in-one-platform experience for all its users. It allows you to easily change the level of granularity in terms of geography, product, or time. Additionally, it enables role-specific access to customized reports in order to accommodate individual needs on multiple levels. Our solution also allows you to receive automated scheduled reports with important KPIs directly in your email at the start of the day.

Going through all your data and milestones by accessing several platforms is a thing of the past. Click the button below, fill in the form, and we can start improving your decision-making and planning on both a local and regional level.

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