Flexible Reports

A fast-loading flexible and customizable report that gives users access to their data in seconds. 

 All-in-one reporting application  

Moderately faster report creation 

Report flexibility and customization 


Getting complete and up-to-date reports on all the crucial KPIs is a must in this day and age, and our clients understand this perfectly. One of our clients was using an outdated BI tool and had to write different SQL queries to extract information. This was time-consuming and inefficient; thus, they needed a solution that combined both their CRM and ERP systems. So, they turned to us with a request to have a report that can combine all dimensions, measures, and filters in one place on every level of detail. 


It’s no secret that we love optimizing tasks and processes, and that is why our solution came in the form of a well-organized, fast-loading flexible report. The problem that was immediately apparent while working on the solution was that our client used more than 50 reports for all kinds of different regions. In order to overcome this, our developers created a separate report for every region and combined all the data in one place. Additionally, the SQL coding was time-consuming for our client, which is why the flexible report was made in a user-friendly manner and didn’t require a programming background. 


With the flexible report we delivered to our client a lot of key functionalities. The report allowed people to create both straight and pivot tables, depending on what they needed. Furthermore, we offered a bookmark system, which allowed users to save the measures and dimensions they need and access them in a second. This helped save a lot of productive time for the team. Additionally, the flexible report provided different levels of authorization, which meant that a user could only access the data that they were authorized to see.