DataX: Revolutionize Your Domain with Predictive Analytics

DataX empowers businesses to transform endless structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, driving analytics to new heights. Explore, analyze, and predict with no ML expertise required.

Uncover Hidden Insights with Advanced Predictive Modeling

  • Streamlined Data Analysis

    Quickly identify key performance predictors and their reliability.

  • Automated Feature Creation

    Prepare your data for machine learning with a click.

  • Effortless Scenario Analysis

    Simulate outcomes and refine strategies effortlessly.

  • Straightforward Predictive Analytics

    Demystify complex data analytics for all business users.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making

    Make actionable steps to improve sales and performance metrics.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Enjoy a simplified predictive modeling process for users at any skill level.

The DataX Advantage

DataX Key Features


Automatically prepares features for ML, saving time and resources.

Model Training & Simulations

Allows for easy model training and what-if scenario analyses.

Data Rationalization & Correlation

Scans and evaluates data for statistical significance.

DataX FAQs

DataX is a predictive modeling tool that leverages machine learning to provide actionable insights from data without requiring users to have ML knowledge.

By automating feature engineering and enabling intuitive model training and what-if analyses, DataX makes advanced analytics accessible to all business users.

Absolutely. DataX is designed for business users across departments to extract value from data without deep technical expertise.

DataX can help identify the best predictors of business performance, assess their reliability, and suggest actionable steps to improve outcomes.

Its automated feature engineering, user-friendly what-if scenario analyses, and no-ML-knowledge-required approach set DataX apart in the predictive analytics space.

What We Do

B EYE specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies across industries achieve their goals. Our expertise transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions, using the most sought-after technologies out there.

Who We Are

Experts in Every Technology, at Every Lifecycle Stage

Our experts cover every technology, guiding you from strategy creation to integration and analytics. We align our efforts with your business goals, ensuring meaningful progress at every stage. With a focus on both current requirements and future readiness, our expertise is your advantage in navigating the data landscape.


We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our services are customized to address your specific challenges and goals. This approach ensures that our strategies resonate with your unique business context, maximizing the impact of your data initiatives. Through collaboration and continuous feedback, we refine our solutions to better suit your evolving needs.


Whether you need a comprehensive solution or just a piece of the puzzle, we offer both full-scope projects and standalone services. Our versatility allows us to support your data journey at any stage, from initial assessment to ongoing management and optimization. With B EYE, you gain a partner capable of driving transformation, regardless of your starting point.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our project-based and team augmentation models ensure that you have the right skills and resources at the right time. This flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate with your teams, adapting our approach to fit your project timelines and business rhythms. Whether supplementing your in-house capabilities or managing projects end-to-end, we're committed to delivering value on your terms.

Commitment to Excellence

Continuous training and a focus on innovation keep our team – and yours – at the forefront of data technologies. This dedication to excellence ensures that we're not just keeping pace with industry trends but actively contributing to their evolution. Our commitment extends to establishing a competency center and empowering your team through knowledge transfer and skill development to sustain progress long after our engagement concludes.

Proven Impact

Our methodologies have delivered significant cost efficiencies and business transformations across industries. By leveraging best practices and insights gained from a diverse range of projects, we drive measurable outcomes that reflect in your bottom line and competitive positioning. With B EYE, you're choosing a partner whose impact extends beyond immediate project goals to achieve long-term success and growth.

Extract Maximum Value from Your Data with DataX

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