Data-Driven Bonus System

Track the sales teams’ performance in real-time and define the bonus amounts based on data insights 

Do you want to empower your business to define and build a transparent bonus scheme strategy? Do you require the ability to track sales representatives’ overall and personal performance in different regions or countries? 

Well, we at B EYE have the right solution for you – a multifunctional analytics tool that can benefit both management and the sales workforce. It lets your managers quickly define bonus amounts, sales rep performance, and training status. You can even drill down data to the individual level of sales representatives, countries, or products and find underperformance in seconds. With this tool, every team member can have a single source of truth, which they can access from any device. After all, keeping track of their achievements and desired target goals on the go provides a big motivation boost. 

So, keep track of all the important KPIs and set new milestones all in one easy-to-access place, thus leaving you with more time to focus on the key decisions that push your business forward. Click the button below and fill in the form, so we can get you started with our analytics solution. 

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