360° Product Launch Analysis

A multifunctional application, which allows global Life Sciences companies’ marketing teams to have full visibility on the deployment of new product launches.

Collecting all the data throughout a new product launch is much more convenient nowadays – but what about analyzing it? Are your strategic marketers able to stay ahead of the curve, and do they know when to rework a product or when to switch up campaigns quickly?

Our solution can help you track your new products’ penetration rate and check how well you’re doing against the competition. Our application provides your team with a detailed pipeline visualization, which tracks all sales opportunities and how they move through the different stages of the product launch process. It enables you to inspect various what-if scenarios based on distinct forecast schemes so that you can make the best decision possible based on the available data. The tool can show in detail which center has not purchased your products in a while so that you always have a good idea of where to focus your efforts next.

So, don’t delay and make your next product your magnum opus, all with the help of our Product Launch solution. Click the button below and fill in the form so we can quickly get you started with full visibility on the deployment of your new product launches.

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