Our experts provide personal consultations, assist in any situation, and solve problems as quickly as possible.
Easy, quick access to support is essential to reducing issues and maximizing the impact of your data initiatives.

Support Services

Fast, Friendly, and Helpful 24-Hour Expert Support

B EYE specializes in guiding Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries towards achieving their goals. Our services span data analytics, data management, AI strategy consulting, EPM and dedicated support services. 

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  • 24 hours support 6 days a week
  • With our mix-and-match approach, you can select exactly the services from all support levels that bring the most value to your business 
  • Building strong relationships with our clients to create a positive customer experience
  • Team of experts with long-term experience 
  • We offer flexibility regarding client technical environments as we adapt to any needs and technologies to provide the best support service
  • Effective collaboration with your internal technical support

Our Support Tier List

Level 1

Support for basic customer issues. This is the tier that solves simple errors in the applications.

* Basic troubleshooting – establishing problems and implementing a solution
* Internal support and assistance for the technical teams
* Providing basic information – explanation of analytical tools, reports, data
* Manual data input in the application database – transferring data from various documents
* Data Environment Monitoring and license management

Level 2

An improved level of support, which helps deal with in-depth troubleshooting and backend analysis.

* Advanced troubleshooting – dealing with complex bugs, and backend analysis
* Investigation of problems – complex diagnosis processes from our experts
* Minor improvements to the dashboard – color change, adding a field, etc.
* Expert explanations about your data analytics – consultation with our BI experts about your data
* Resolving back-end issues – resolving problems with the database
* Release executions – releasing all kinds of changes in the application

Level 3

At these level, our experts can provide solutions for a wide variety of complex technical problems.

* Detailed issue tracking – issue tracking from our most senior experts
* Developing new features in the application – creating new dashboards and reports
* Proactive and preventative management of the operating environment
* Dealing with the most complex problems – identifying the cause of the incident
* Suggesting improvement projects – proactively proposing new features and improvements
* Building and enriching the internal and customer knowledge base – creating custom manuals for our clients on how to follow specific steps
* Detecting integration issues – suggestions and improvements on the environment

Why Companies Choose Us

“Partnering with B EYE for AI strategy and integration has enabled us to uncover previously unattainable insights. The impact was immediate – from streamlining our operational processes to enhancing customer engagement. What set B EYE apart was their strong focus on security and operability in AI and their dedication to creating highly accurate and tailored AI models. This boosted our confidence in using AI and positioned us at the forefront of data-driven innovation in our industry.”

CTO, Leading Healthcare Technology Firm

Real Fast Response Time

Phone calls and chat inquiries get quickly answered by our team.

We respond via phone/live chat/email/etc. 27/6, whatever suits your business needs the best.

Flexible Pricing

It is up to you to decide whether you need all-levels support or a combination of each type. We won’t offer you more than you need and certainly won’t charge you more than you have to pay.

Team of Experts

We make sure that each person on our team undergoes intensive training and a long mentorship period. Each of our clients receives our team’s utter dedication and loyalty

Friendly & Helpful Attitude

We believe that a positive and positive mindset, even in the most challenging moments, is the best foundation for a solid long-term relationship with our clients.

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Our AI solutions are designed to fit seamlessly with a variety of technologies and tools, ensuring we provide the most effective solutions tailored to your unique business environment.

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Our cutting-edge solutions empower businesses to conquer operational challenges and unlock maximum profitability.

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