QlikView Modernization Service

We get it, change can be challenging. But hear us out! It’s time to upgrade QlikView and unlock the full potential of your data! With B EYE by your side, we’ll make the transition to Qlik Sense SaaS a breeze, and you’ll soon enjoy all its awesome features!

Our Service

QlikView to Qlik Sense Saas Transition

  • Tailored consulting for a seamless QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS transition
  • Safely transitioning without losing data during the migration process
  • Refactor migrated apps using Qlik Sense SaaS features and best practices
  • Leveraging Qlik Cloud Migration Tools for automation where possible
  • Training and support for end-users on Qlik Sense SaaS features and usage
  • Ongoing maintenance, optimization, and customization of Qlik Sense SaaS applications
Qlik View To Qlik Sense modernization services
Benefits of QlikView Modernization

Why Transitioning from QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS?

Trickle Migration

Experience hassle-free migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS with an incremental approach to migrating data, ensuring your existing applications and data sources are smoothly migrated.

Enhanced Capabilities

Qlik Sense SaaS offers improved data visualization, self-service analytics, ML and AI-powered insights that enable your team to make better, data-driven decisions. 

flexible pricing

Cost Savings

Lower your total cost of ownership with subscription-based pricing, automatic updates, and reduced IT maintenance.


Enjoy seamless scalability and data security with Qlik Sense SaaS. Effortlessly scale your business without costly investments while maintaining top-notch security and compliance standards.


What is the difference between

QlikView and

Qlik Sense SaaS?

Qlik Sense SaaS is a game-changer, taking data visualization and analytics to new heights. It streamlines the entire analytics life-cycle, accelerates tasks, and reveals new insights.

Experience seamless deployment across on-premise and cloud environments, online and offline mobility, and open APIs that let developers create custom applications with ease.

QlikView may have its place, but Qlik Sense SaaS is the future of interactive analytics and dashboards that will support your data-driven decision-making.

Discover the full potential of Qlik Sense SaaS with our detailed comparison table and experience data-driven success like never before!

QlikView Qlik Sense Comparoson3 table
The Process

Our Steps for QlikView Modernization

Free initial consultation

Discuss benefits and obstacles, and address your migration concerns.


Environment Analysis

Assess the current QlikView setup and identify optimal Qlik Sense SaaS use cases.


Customizable Demo (Upon Request)

We can create a tailored demo to demonstrate the migration process and what results you can achieve with Qlik Sense SaaS .


Migration Plan

Create a tailored plan based on your desired pace and approach.


Execute Migration (QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS )

Migrate using existing assets and automation tools when possible.


Improve Apps with New Features

Refactor migrated apps using Qlik Sense SaaS features and best practices.



Evaluate app performance and identify potential issues.


Training and Support

Offer ongoing training for end-users and developers. Provide maintenance, optimization, and customization of applications.


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