B EYE Qlik Support offers an outstanding performance

At B EYE, we understand that no major corporate information system should be left out there without the proper level of care, health monitoring and user support. It is the system complexity, its many different moving parts and the hundreds or thousands of different people that interact with it daily that impose the need of having someone with expertise who is always there and ready to act. Our goal is to ensure your success with Business Intelligence by delivering the right level of expertise and meet your needs.

Some enterprises have built their own internal systems and processes, so their employees expect our Qlik support to be carried out in the same manner within their enterprise framework. In such cases, we can integrate our support system and team with the systems that your company uses and with your internal support teams, so that we can provide a seamless extension to the services that you already provide to your users. That is why we offer two levels of Qlik support: Basic and Enterprise:

For Basic Support level customers

  • You will get access to all of the features and resources described above.
  • It comes with coverage during standard business hours.

For Enterprise Support level customers

  • Get extended coverage up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week for critical issues.
  • Optimize the overall condition of your BI environment with health monitoring.

We provide 24-hour support to our clients and our experts are ready to intervene in any situation and solve problems as quickly as possible or provide a consultation. Our Support Portal acts as a central point for all support needs of our clients. In fact, the vast majority of our interactions with our clients is centralized through this powerful, interactive tool. Of course, we are also reachable by phone, live chat and email. The portal is empowered with some key features and technology. All designed to provide a rich and self-guided experience that delivers the following benefits:

Personalized experience

  • Our guidance is customized to each user and instance.
  • We recommend the best way for you to contact us based on your specific business needs.

Specialized experience

  • You are routed directly to the right experts for your issue
  • You benefit from a single point of contact for all non-technical issues
  • You benefit from the support of our rapid response and escalation teams, to make sure your issues are solved as quickly as possible.