Education is the key to analytics adoption by the end users and it should always go hand in hand with application development

We empower users through an innovative learning methodology, role-based training, personalized learning paths, application and industry best practices. The principles and best practices that fuel world-class application development are just as important as the understanding of the BI applications in terms of features and functions. This is something you can only get through training by our certified BI experts.

What do you get with B EYE education practices?

  • Find out when and how you learn best
  • Start using BI products faster and more effectively
  • Feel confident and vested in your use of BI products

Drive BI experience

To be truly efficient, companies need to have the right combination of BI Power Users and Regular Business Users.The BI Power Users are the ones that drive adoption the most. They are proactive in searching for new areas where analytics can bring value, thus uncovering huge hidden potential. They are also the ones that colleagues most often go to when they have difficulties or questions. BI Power Users are in most cases our primary partners when building specs for new analytical applications or reports.

Empower business users

We recognize that every user has a different way of learning, which is why we have a diverse set of offerings to fit all types of users. B EYE trainers understand the learning requirements of non-technical users, speak their language and deliver trainings that match their level of comprehension and expectations. Our BI trainings are fully tailored to meet your business users’ specific needs and challenges, including personal training on your applications. Both technical and non-technical trainings are available, based on each client’s unique needs, organizational structure, and analytics strategy.

Active learning

Our unique learning methodology allows users to actively learn to use BI products as they will use them on real daily bases. Instead of telling them to sit in day-long classes, we provide users with the opportunity to learn to use the BI features, when they actually need them. We know that only a hands-on approach will truly enable users to work with data discovery in their jobs. Users are encouraged to spend as much time as possible working within the BI application, instead of passively watching a series of PowerPoint slides and screenshots.

Today’s users want to be in charge of their learning. That’s why we allow them to drive their own learning, with materials, examples and exercises designed to construct a core understanding of what is possible and how to do it. B EYE Education Services are built to scale. We provide a wide array of options for training delivery and various materials to suit all types of users, schedules, locations, and learning styles. You can choose the elements to assemble a program that best suits your organization’s needs and growth.

Application training

Custom Application Trainings combine our education experts, best practices, training tools and a launch kit – all tailored to promote the rapid adoption and effective use of your unique BI application.

Learning consultant and instructional designer will work with you to develop learning assets (videos and reference materials) specifically for your BI application. The custom videos they develop will be based on business-role cases, so that trainings reflect your business-users’ point of view. Our experts will also design a custom training rollout plan that fits your organization.

Educational mix

What a custom designed educational program might look like? We will illustrate that through some real examples from our practice:

  • Corporate resource (Wikipedia style) where users can easily navigate through different topics, read about applications, navigational tips & tricks, KPI definitions and more.
  • Weekly online trainings, covering different topics (5-10 people can participate).
  • On site trainings for expert users
  • On site and on-line seminars
    Selection of Qlik educational materials (articles, presentations and manuals) to address the specific educational needs of the different groups of users
  • Interactive video trainings – personalized to address specific applications
  • Easy access to all educational courses and materials on the intranet page of your organization
  • Newsletters to inform users about changes and new functions of the applications.

Need more information regarding our education practices? Learn more about B EYE Academy.

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