We, at B EYE, have a long-standing experience in helping leading international companies transform their corporate data into meaningful insights. Our highly specialized, industry-based, end-to-end services let businesses evolve by helping them build the optimal decision-making processes, achieve efficiency and reach the best outcomes.

By joining the best people together with cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Planning technologies, we let you harness the true power of your business, create a competitive edge and expand your market share.

We will help you maximize your Qlik and Anaplan return of investment multiple times and guide you not only through the entire implementation process, but we can also build and deploy your new Qlik or Anaplan applications. Together with you, we will optimize the development and use of analytical tools to meet your specific business needs, ensuring both your Qlik and Anaplan solutions work in an efficient and effective manner.

B EYE’s Technical Consultancy Services are divided into three categories:

Platform and Infrastructure-related services

We can create the foundation for a platform and infrastructure that meets not only your present but also your future needs while optimizing its components and ensuring the security of your analytical operations:

  • Server infrastructure building and setup services – We will ensure both the platform and infrastructure are appropriately sized and are easily scalable. We will help you through the entire process from choosing the right set of machines and optimizing their settings, providing advice on network settings, setting up the server and application services with the utmost precision, and building an appropriate application environment, which is high productivity and can be expanded to maintain implementation across the company thanks to the right mix of professional development and user self-service.
  • Performance optimization services – We will help you to be prepared, if a big change in a server performance occurs. We do manual and automated testing and performance measurement.
  • Help you minimize risk – We will provide you with a clear and consistent security strategy for your entire Business Intelligence implementation.
Data services

B EYE data-related services help you discover the hidden insights in your data by defining the data architecture, model, and integration plan to best suit your business requirements and needs.

  • Data quality – Our consultants will ensure the quality of your data, improving it and defining the right strategy for its management. We make sure errors are reported and data governance policies are set up where needed.
  • Data management programs implementation – We have all sets of interactive documents that make up the Corporate Wikipedia for Data, Metrics, and Dimensions.
  • Data model and integration plan – Our consultants will help you create the data model and integration plan that most accurately meets your company’s requirements. We always build our application, with long-terms strategy in mind and not just as isolated cases.
Visual analytics services

At B EYE, we create insightful and pixel perfect applications. We optimize the user’s interface and experience, achieve a professional look and accelerate the introduction of new applications. This process includes:

  • Application development – We always ensure that our applications are designed with maximum intuitiveness and usability, fast user acceptance and easy maintenance.
  • Integration of analytical capabilities into external systems and web portals – We develop applications with a responsive interface to suit the needs of any mobile users. Through web or mobile development, we let the benefits of our applications not only reach many other platforms but also to be embedded in other applications.

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