Thanks to B EYE consulting services you will be able to maximize the ROI from your Qlik investment. We can give you directions on every step through the implementation and usage of analytics in your environment. B EYE consultants will help you with the infrastructure settings, Qlik applications development and implementation. Together we can optimize your Qlik environment to ensure that your applications are efficient and effective.

At B EYE the project management process plays an important role. It is of key importance for the quality of services we provide. To address the numerous challenges that arise every day we have developed our own framework for project development and implementation, based on the Agile Software Development methodology. This includes adaptive planning, evolution development, early tasks delivery and constant improvements. We believe in and apply the following principles:

  • Meet client`s needs through early and constant provision of the best possible services.
  • We welcome software requirements changes, even at the late development stages.
  • Frequent applications` up-dates and new features introduction – every two weeks.
  • Projects built by motivated people at B EYE or the client`s side. We give the environment and support they need and we trust they will do the best job. They work together through the whole project.
  • Constant attention, technical perfection and design improve agility are key factor to success.
  • Working software is the main indicator for success. Simplicity – the art to do just right tasks at the right time.

We use a world class software system for managing our projects. It allows us to strictly follow our methodology, measure key indicators, benefits and prices. It also helps us to interact effectively with our clients and enjoy full transparency during the whole process of application development. From the idea generation and project requirements phases through planning, development, testing, implementation and support. We use benchmark process to prepare the necessary documentation for each project, estimate time, price and ensure quality control. All of that happens in real time and the client has access to our project management system to communicate with us and check the project progress.


The B EYE expertise lies in developing applications for Business Intelligence purposes using Qlik, Anaplan and Informatica platforms. We develop analytics applications for all industries solving various problems related to data processing and information analysis, with custom, tailormade solutions that are unique for each customer…      Read more



We provide 24 hours support to our customers and our experts are ready to intervene in any situation and sole problems as quickly as possible or provide consultation. Our support team provides system up-dates and new features every 2 weeks. New features can be on-demand by client specification or proposed by B EYE Business experts…      Read more



We empower our partners though an innovative learning methodology, role-based training, application and industry best practices, and personalized learning paths. The principles and best practices that fuel world-class development are just as important as understanding the features and functions of BI platforms. This is something you can ONLY get through training by BI experts…      Read more



B EYE offers flexible outsourcing and support models to serve the diverse needs of our clients. We leverage our global delivery capability to offer services “on-site” at the client’s premises or “off-site” at our software development facility in Sofia, Bulgaria…      Read more