Tired of using “thousands” of spreadsheets to collaborate between departments for developing complex plans, budgets, and forecasts? Look no more, you have found Anaplan.

Anaplan is a cloud-based modelling platform which provides an agile planning approach—one that can be deployed in an easy-to-use interface and quick implementation.

With Anaplan you will be able to:

  • replace time-consuming consolidation processes with producing plans that could be analyzed and refined in real time across the organization;
  • reduce your planning processes from months and weeks to days and hours;
  • connect data, people, and plans across the business;
  • eliminate errors common in multiple and complex spreadsheet formulas but keep the familiar Excel-like syntaxes for calculations;
  • control corporate data, while increasing collaboration without concerns about security issues.

Forrester identifies Anaplan as a Leader for Enterprise Performance Management.

“Anaplan is best for companies with relatively complex, data-intensive planning and modelling use cases in finance, sales, marketing, operations, and HR across a variety of industries.”

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Performance Management, Q4 2016

“The most surprising thing that happened to me post-implementation was I had users coming to me and asking, ‘Can I use Anaplan for other things?’ Having a product that users are excited about and want to be more integrated into their day-to-day jobs was really exciting.”

Andrew Chapello, Product Manager of Business Applications, Box.

The platform improves visibility into data, it is multidimensional, can be used by multiple tenants and enables companies to run all planning processes in every part of their business.
Large organizations use Anaplan to make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

It provides single, secure source of planning and decision data, greater deeper insights, faster alignment and dynamic, connected planning for any area of the business. A key element for this is its proprietary in-memory computing engine HyperBlock™. It enables multiple users to work and change data in real time and across the whole organization.

Anaplan is the exact tool that allows thriving businesses to distinguish from the average ones in a turbulent business environment by enabling them to create, execute, and adjust their plans as conditions change. After all, it is not a secret to anyone that the only constant thing in the business world today is change.

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