We can give you pieces or the whole puzzle.

If your team is spending too much time manipulating data in spreadsheets and legacy systems, then we can help you save time and replace the thousands of spreadsheets with a single model. Our Anaplan consultants will work with you to build customized solutions to fit your needs.

Using the Anaplan tool, we will help you and your team plan and forecast more quickly and accurately. It can process large amounts of data, allowing automation and preservation of user’s flexibility. The models can change quickly to suit the dynamics of the business.

Whenever spreadsheets are used for planning, poor data governance becomes a problem. We can help with implementing a single platform that supports all different types of business, creating a single source of shared data and enabling authorized users to connect their planning models across departments and lines of business.

Real-time visibility.  Anaplan model recalculates in seconds every change made by the users and allows timely analysis of the results. Users have real-time visibility. In addition to the shortened work cycles and possibility for more iterations achieved at the same time, Anaplan gives the opportunity to look at various comparative scenarios that work at high speed with large volumes of data.

Mitigates the risk of formulae errors.The Anaplan formulae apply to all attributes of the dimensions used and thus overcome the risk of inconsistency.

Easy to learn and use interface that allows people from the business to understand the model and maintain it on their own. Customers choose whether to maintain the models on their own or shift that responsibility to us.

Models are enabled to grow in accordance with the necessity – expanding them (by regions, products, employees) is easy. They operate fast and efficiently even in large sizes. The Cloud solution results in savings from purchasing and maintaining a server while the company can determine the amount of used space.

Provides the required level of data security and access control. Anaplan data remains encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. At the same time, each user can only see the information needed to fulfill their role.

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