Why Anaplan?

Anaplan offers a complete package of features which cannot be found on any other business platform. When a company considers modelling and planning and the important role that process plays, it would certainly need to make sure that all bases are covered and all relevant factors incorporated in the models. The company needs to save time and effort of its employees, which can otherwise be spent better; to have all the data in one place, visible and available for collaborative work; to be secure and able to control information access and permissibility; and to be able to react to changes as quickly as possible. The good news is that all these features are uniquely combined in Anaplan. Below you can find Anaplan features of modelling, usability, collaboration, security and the platform itself.


  • Cloud-based with multi-levelled security, system focused data management, and immense scalability.
  • Real-time, scalable modelling and calculation engine – the Hyperblock™ technology allows changes and updates to be made in models of any size in real time.


  • Making better business decisions is easier with the help of the in-memory engine, which enables detailed planning models that utilize all your data to the transactional level.
  • Data Integration.
  • Multi-dimensional planning.


    • Master repository of business rules (Living Blueprint™).
    • Quickly create new model versions, load and track actual data in the same model.
    • Breakback is a feature similar to ‘goal-seek’ in Excel, which enables users to set a target for a formula and the variables that comprise it are changed according to the defined rules.


    • User Access Control.
    • Collaborative Workflow.
    • History and Revision Control.
    • Central Data Repository.
    • Anaplan dynamically synchronizes data across related plans, pinpointing discrepancies for real-time consistency.

       Security & Uptime

    • Availability and Reliability.
    • Application-layer security, data encryption, secure authentication protocols and robust access control.


    • Intuitive modelling interface.
    • You can access Anaplan through a mobile device via a browser, so you will always be up to date with your data.
    • Variety of publishing tools, including dashboards, charts and integrated Excel plug-in.