What is Anaplan?

Anaplan is a cloud-based platform for Business Planning and Modelling, which is driving a new age of “Connected planning”, transforming the whole planning process by joining all people together with data and plans to accelerate business value. It is a novel cloud-based planning and performance management platform with use cases in Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, etc.

The name of the platform combines the words “analysis” and “planning” and it is known for its in-memory database and calculation engine. Born in the cloud, Anaplan provides for the needs of:

  • financial users, in preparing their budgets, quota planning, financial consolidation
  • the marketing and sales department, for sales forecasting, cash-flow analysis
  • HR managers, for payroll simulations, workforce planning, etc.

Once the data is uploaded to the Anaplan cloud, the business users could quickly organize and analyze disparate sets of enterprise data from finance, human resources, sales and other business operation areas. This general view on the big picture empowers them to quickly respond to dynamic changes in their business environment and meet business objectives.

With Anaplan you could analyze the impact of changes in all areas of activities, which are part of your organization as well as how different decisions affect each of them. As a result, you will be able to make detailed plans for all business areas and make collaborative decisions that improve the performance of the entire organization.

With Anaplan, you can easily implement connected planning into your enterprise and see the big picture. Anaplan empowers you to be truly agile with an easy to implement automation of the manual processes.

Anaplan is driving a new age of connected planning, helping businesses harness their true potential by:

Real-time enterprise planning and action

Flexible Modelling Engine

The HyperBlock™ is Anaplan’s flexible modelling and calculation engine, it automatically records updates at a granular level by amending only the affected cells. As volumes scale, users can instantaneously update or change models.

Optimized Planning

Anaplan empowers users to scale for the granularity of insight to help them optimize analytics, reporting and planning, while reducing the time spent for aggregation and consolidation of a vast database in excel spreadsheets. The platform allows users to spend time on value added instead of spending time consolidating planning results in Excel.

Accurate Predictive Analytics

Anaplan increases the accuracy of decisions and improves business outcomes, empowering organizations to stay aligned with the changing market conditions by leveraging predictive analytics and “what-if” scenario analyses. The ability to update a single variable and have that change propagated through the entire model is unparalleled.

Integrated planning across the company

Connecting All Business Areas

Anaplan gives companies the power to plan and manage seamlessly performance for any area of the business – from sales & finance to supply chain & marketing, solving all planning challenges across the business.

Data Integration

The disconnected spreadsheet-based planning processes lead to inefficiency and a lack of visibility on the big picture. Anaplan can easily consolidate data, helping business owners streamline data integration by linking models and plans.

Single Planning Portal

Connects all the people, data and plans in one single platform, available to all the users in the business through a single portal, allowing them to compare different dimensions and view plans at aggregated and detailed levels.

Agile Budgeting and Forecasting

Control over Processes

Anaplan empowers users to take control and own the process, eliminating dependence on spreadsheets, further accelerating the implementation time through pre-built apps for planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting. The platform empowers you to be truly agile with an easy to implement automation of the manual processes.

Aligning Operations

Anaplan seamlessly aligns the strategic plan, the corporate plan, the annual budget, and the periodic forecast with both top-down and bottom-up methodologies.

Facilitating the Budgeting Process

Anaplan facilitates the budgeting process by easily incorporating revenue, company size, OPEX and CAPEX, business units, regions and products. The platform increases the user’s agility and insight with real-time budgeting and planning & enables the user to get to data-driven/predictive analysis of the future.