What is a model?

According to Wittgenstein’s early definition, “A model is a picture of reality” . In the early history of the term, the idea that complex systems might be modelled and therefore controlled and designed or restructured became a symbol of the cutting edge of quantitative social science and complex systems theory in business, defense, and government.

From the new history of our world, we are aiming to explain everything around us and drive humanity to better future. An interesting fact is that modelling plays a great part in that noble pursuit. Scientists build models to explain how aspects of the real world work. A scientific model consists of ideas and concepts and includes mechanism. But this is not where the wonders of modelling end.

Advances in computing additionally accelerated the notion that models could be built and operated to make better predictions and even better designs for a variety of complex systems. This ability to predict and represent complex systems is why models are tightly connected to another significant aspect of our society’s progress – planning.

What is planning?

Planning itself is a process in which we think about how to organize and proceed towards gaining certain benefit or achieving a goal. In this aspect, planning is a fundamental feature of intelligent behavior. The process of planning can be used to predict what the future should look like in case of multiple scenarios. It also combines forecasting with preparation of scenarios and how to react to them. It is an incredibly powerful tool to save time and efforts as it provides guidance, steps or even a roadmap on how to approach our goals and progress to achievement.

In business, planning is an executive process, concerned with defining the goals of the company for the future and establishing the actions and resources that it will take to achieve the set targets. Models are also widely used for different types of business planning as well as to help identify potential bottlenecks or issues with the business processes and suggest different viewpoints.

In our reality of ever changing conditions and evolving business environment, being able to utilize the Business Modelling and Planning process is not only prerequisite to success, but a primary need. Numerous companies have already realized that fact and plenty of solutions and tools exist that can help you on that path. In our years of experience and successful work with our clients, we have found the best solution to recommend to you and it is Anaplan. There is one simple reason why – we are not interested in being good enough in Modelling & Planning but only in being the best. Are you?

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