Planning is the process in which we think about how to organize resources & proceed towards gaining certain benefits or achieving a goal. The process of planning is used to predict what the future should look like in case of multiple scenarios. It combines forecasting with preparation of scenarios and how to react to them. Moreover, it provides guidance on how to approach our goals and progress to achieve them. In our reality of dynamic conditions and evolving business environment, the ability to utilize the Business modelling and Planning process is not only a prerequisite to success, but a primary need. Numerous companies have already realized the unparalleled benefit of utilizing this process for better decision making, defining the goals of the company for the future and establishing the actions and resources that it will take to achieve the set targets.

Therefore, we at B EYE are partnering with Anaplan – a new age of “Connected Planning” solution. Together we are helping international companies to utilize the true potential of their business by revolutionizing their planning processes. Anaplan empowers companies to turn the complexity of their business operations into powerful, easy-to-use applications for forecasting, budgeting, planning, modeling and performance management. With the power of Anaplan, businesses can replace thousands of complex excel models with one elegant panning solution.

Benefits of Business Modelling and Planning Solutions


Reducing the time companies are spending on analyzing data in spreadsheets and legacy systems by replacing them with a single platform. As a result, cycle time and effort of planning, budgeting and forecasting are optimized.

Improved Data Governance

Avoiding poor data governance by implementing a single platform for shared data that supports all different types of business and enables authorized users to connect their planning models across the different departments and lines of business.

Improved Security

Providing a secured environment, which cannot be accessed by unauthorized people instead of spreadsheets, which can be only password protected and are not meant to be shared among multiple users.

Error Reduction

Planning process helps to forecast future problems and make any necessary changes upfront to avoid them. Planning of such potential problems helps to minimize mistakes and reduce the ‘surprises’ that inevitably occur.

Real-time Visibility

Offering real-time visibility by recalculating in seconds every change made by users and allows timely analysis of the results reducing any delays that come from the need to recalculate models.

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Agility And Automation

Processing large amounts of data allowing automation and preservation of user’s flexibility. The models can change quickly to suit the dynamics of the business.

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