Data Literacy Training

Stepping on our long-standing experience as data gurus, we prepared a specialized training program that can help anyone regardless of rank and expertise use data with confidence for better business results. The courses will help you build the foundations needed to work with data.

Benefits of Data Literacy Training

Build the foundations needed
to get value from data

Raise in Productivity

Your team is able to take faster and better-informed decisions which boosts their productivity and reduces time spent on low-value tasks.

Organisational Growth

According to studies, there is up to 5% growth in enterprise value associated with embracing data-driven culture.

Decreased Security Breaches

Currently, over 40% of security breaches are due to employees, who do not know how to handle data appropriately.

Reduced Сosts

Reduce the spending on expensive data science departments that handle data and interpret it for other employees. Your people are capable of working with data, with a bit of help from us.


Who is the course for?

The courses are created for those employees who are either in the beginning of their data literacy journey or want to improve their data skills. The program is not intended for people that are proficient in data and are already designing dashboards and data models.

Our Methodology

We employ a very
interactive approach

In order to achieve the best results, we advise working with small groups of up to 15 people. Our approach consists of learning exercises, such as games, and practical tasks, that rely on real-life examples.

To bring the best value for you, we customize the training to the specific industry needs of the participants and focus on relevant case studies for the topics. For your convenience, we can offer the course online, onsite, or hybrid.

All materials and resources needed for the course are provided by us and are included in the offering.

What you will learn

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand fundamental elements of data and
    how to use them for a data-driven decision making
  • Create and interpret data visualisations that explain
    business trends and issues
  • Identify pitfalls to avoid when working with data
  • Gain an understanding of data and skills to explain it to business counterparts in business language
  • Learn to ask the right questions from business perspective and find the data-backed answers
  • Solve problems with data-driven solutions and understand types of data bias
Data is power

Are you ready to become data savvy?

Each of our clients receives our team’s utter dedication and loyalty.