What is QlikView?

QlikView is a revolutionary Business Intelligence solution, developed by the world’s leading BI solution-provider Qlik. For over 25 years QlikView has been helping thousands of organizations in different industries worldwide to discover deeper insights behind their data across all their data sources and see the whole story instead of just the partial views offered by query-based or hierarchical tools.

Based on the next generation QIX engine, QlikView offers guided exploration and discovery, collaboration and mobility for sharing insight, as well as agile development and deployment that revolutionized the BI market. Moreover, users can easily and fast pull data into QlikView as data is not required to be staged or stored in intermediary formats such as data warehouses or cubes. QlikView allows organizations to transform their whole decision-making process by providing them with the right information at the right time, driving faster response to changing business requirements, shorter time to value, and more valuable insights across the whole organization.

Discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution

Guided Exploration and Discovery

Purpose-Built, Guided Analytics Apps

QlikView apps offer a beautiful, pixel-perfect user experience, delivered through any browser, that can be customized for complex use cases and solutions while still allowing for an unmatched level of interactivity and flexibility for discovery.

Associative Model for Exploration and Search

Qlik’s associative model enables users to probe all the possible associations that exist in their data, across all their data sources. It empowers a broad set of users to easily ask questions, gain critical insights, and see the whole story that lives in their data.

Advanced Analytics and Visualization

QlikView empowers users to solve business problems using apps that include a variety of interactive visualizations, performing advanced analyses such as comparison or what-if through simple interactions.

Collaboration and Sharing Insight

Social Data Discovery

QlikView allows multiples users to work in groups and teams to analyze information, using annotations for offline discussion and session sharing for live meetings. As a result, collaboration is enhanced, and team members can work together to share insights and make better decisions.

Qlik NPrinting Reporting

QlikView NPrinting supports a variety of Office and pixel perfect formats, with broad, managed distribution and on-demand access, allowing QlikView to serve as the standard for both interactive analytics and reporting.

Mobile Data Discovery

QlikView provides mobile users with access to information and analytics while on the go, on any mobile device, and they can even work offline, allowing them to solve more problems as they arise.

Agile Development and Deployment

Rapid App development

QlikView provides an agile development environment with pixel perfect layout, advanced navigation options, powerful expression syntax, and unmatched interactivity allowing businesses to build applications quickly to respond to changing business requirements.

Robust Data Integration

QlikView provides a powerful data integration capability for cleansing, transforming, and unifying multiple, disparate data sources for analysis. allowing companies to discover insights across data sources.

Enterprise-Class governance

The QlikView governance dashboard offers data lineage and impactful analysis with an enterprise-class architecture, ensuring broad access, security, and scalability through robust enterprise-class management tools.