What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is Qlik’s next-generation Business Intelligence application, offering unique and powerful data visualization, exploration, and collaboration capabilities for all types of users, all within a governed multi-cloud architecture that offers trust, scale, and ongoing choice for the organization.

Using its unmatched visualization, Qlik Sense is designed to perfectly complement QlikView, empowering everyone with the option to explore data and create their own analysis, while in QlikView users have pre-defined views of the data. Qlik Sense provides a platform with open and standard APIs for customization and extension, powerful data integration, broad data connectivity, fully interactive online and offline mobility, and a new insight advisor that generates the most relevant charts and insights, using AI. Furthermore, Qlik Sense runs on the patented Qlik associative engine, which allows users of all skill levels to combine data and explore it freely. Qlik Sense transforms your company with analytics by empowering all users to unleash their intuition, working together with machine intelligence to greatly magnify discovery and promote data literacy across the organization.

Transform Your Business with Analytics

Seamless Sharing of Insights

Centralized Sharing and Collaboration

Qlik Sense uses a centralized hub that allows users to take advantage of analytics, created by teammates, locating valuable Qlik Sense, QlikView, and Qlik NPrinting content fast or publishing analyses for others to use, anywhere, anytime.

Interactive Storytelling and Reporting

Qlik Sense enhances communication across the organization by using interactive stories and immediately accessing live analysis to answer follow-up questions that arise in discussion. Qlik analytics can be broadly distributed in reports without the need for other reporting systems.

Anywhere, Anytime Mobility

Qlik Sense’s full capabilities can be accessed both online and offline via a mobile app. As a result, users can explore, analyze, create, and collaborate to instantly solve problems anywhere, anytime and on any device.

A Platform for the Enterprise Ecosystem

Open Customization and Extension

Qlik Sense provides a complete set of open APIs, which not only allow the rapid development of custom analytics apps and extortions to meet the specific business needs of the organization, but also use industry-standard skill sets and tools.

Big and Small Data Integration

With its robust data integration, Qlik Sense unifies data from many disparate sources without requiring external tools or data repositories, empowering users to work with unlimited combinations of data, including on-premise, cloud, and big data, with no data left behind.

Multi-Cloud Scalability and Governance

Qlik Sense ensures governance, security, and scalability through robust enterprise management, a new multi-cloud architecture, and patented associative engine technology, allowing companies the flexibility of self-service oriented analytics without having to trade-off governance.

Data Literacy for Everyone

Augmented Analytics and Visualizations

Qlik Sense explores and analyzes the information using a rich set of augmented analytics including smart visualizations, advanced analytics integration, geographic mapping, and machine-generated insights and suggestions.

The Associative Difference

Qlik Sense empowers users with different skill levels to easily ask questions and gain critical insights, driving data literacy across the organization. With its function “Smart Search: exposes the right data relationships, analytics, and insights are exposed by using simple keywords.

Accelerated Self-Service Creation

Qlik Sense’s “Drag-and-drop” function easily brings together data and create visualizations with machine suggestions and automation to accelerate the process. Self-service data preparation allows business users to easily associate and load data from multiple sources.