The Qlik platform is the primary B EYE point of expertise

Qlik is a business discovery platform which provides self-service Business Intelligence for all everybody in a company. Qlik enables organizations turn their data into sensible, visualized information that can be analyzed and used to support the decision-making process. With Qlik users can ask and find answers to questions they define and conduct their own quest for data discoveries and research to gather insights. Qlik helps all employees to have certain level of information access, which fosters collaboration and decision-making process.

At the hearth of the platform is a software engine that generates new visualized reports in real time based on specific users` requests. The QIX engine compresses the data and stores it in memory where it can be quickly accessed by multiple users at a time. Regardless of where the data is stored, Qlik provides associative experience through all data sources and enables users to access multiple customized reports. This powerful platform can handle billions of rows of data with relatively small hardware resources, perform hard calculations and use large data sets.

The 3 main products that comprise the Qlik platform are:


QlikView – is an intuitive analytical tool which can be employed in all business functions and industries. It could be used to analyze everything, from country population to sales by product or region. Any data provided can be processed and visualized into amazing dashboards.

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Qlik Sense – the new modern, mobile and web friendly product brings self-service to a completely different level. Qlik Sense can easily be integrated into third-party platforms and has an open set of APIs which allow developers to introduce many new custom functionalities like Natural Language Generation, chat-bots, predictive algorithms and much more.

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NPrinting -flying e-mails

NPrinting – the reporting and email generation application, which saves our clients thousands of man-hours for report preparation on daily, weekly or monthly bases. With NPrinting we save our clients, not only financial resources, but we also free human capacity which can be put to work in real analytical and decision-making process.

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B EYE Technical Analytical Services can help you:

Build a platform and infrastructure foundation that meets your current and future needs, and ensure your analytics operations are secured.

  • With our Server Architecture Services, we can help you ensure your platform and infrastructure are appropriately sized and scaled. We do everything from choosing the right set of machines and optimizing their setup, providing consultancy on networks, setup and fine-tuning of Qlik server and application services to building proper Qlik environment foundation that can perform and be scalable, in order to support enterprise-wide implementations with the proper mix of professional development and user self-service.
  • Our Performance Services help our clients, so they are prepared for the impact of change on server performance. We do both manual and automated load testing and performance measurements.
  • Security services – we can help you Minimize risks by establishing a clear and consistent security strategy over the whole BI implementation and access level.

B EYE Technical Analytical Services can help you:

Get the most out of your data. We can define the data architecture, do model and integration plan that best meets your requirements and identify opportunities for improving the quality of data and its governance both inside and outside Qlik.

  • We utilize Data Integration & Modelling to define the data model and integration plan that best meets your requirements. We never deliver applications in silos without taking care for the long run.
  • We also take care of Data Quality & Management to identify opportunities to improve data quality and governance. We are always aware that some data sets are incomplete or have wrong data and understand that all data needs proper maintenance and management. Data quality is one of our main concerns while building applications and we always take care of properly reporting data issues (automated data quality checks and reports) and take care of setting up data maintenance policies wherever they are needed.
  • With our Data Governance Services we help companies introduce sound data governance programs that include a governing body, a defined set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures. One very important aspect of our services that adds great value is that we provide all rules, definitions and playbooks though a set of interactive documents that comprise a Corporate Wikipedia.

B EYE Technical Analytical Services can help you:

Optimize user interface and experience and achieve a consistent look and feel to accelerate the adoption of new applications. This includes:

  • Application Development – we always ensure Qlik applications are designed for maximum usability, rapid adoption and easy maintenance and we take all 3 of these aspects very seriously.
  • Web and Mobile Development – by doing it we allow the benefits of our applications to extend across multiple platforms. We can integrate Qlik applications to other 3rd party systems and applications like a CRM system or an intranet/web portal. We also develop applications with front ends specifically tuned for mobile usability – though iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.
  • Advanced UI/UX Design – to increase user engagement and improve decision-making through advanced visualization and analytics design, we follow a set of practices that we have accumulated by studying user behavior and analytics adoption.

Our Tool Qlik – your solution is one Qlik away.

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